Top 5 Computer Gadgets you should buy ▶2

Amazing Gadgets for your computer………

Slide N Joy
Remix Mini
Swiftpoint GT
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20 thoughts on “Top 5 Computer Gadgets you should buy ▶2”

  1. Jim John says:

    very good

  2. TehHappehKitteh says:

    "I wanted a good keyboard, but there weren't any out there" wat

  3. Golden Jomb says:

    That mouse looks like for 3 year old

  4. 24neo24 says:

    It's a shame that the keymouse isn't in the list.

  5. ‫مصطفى الصميدعي‬‎ says:


  6. Che Som says:


  7. Sully Scott says:

    I just saw the ad in the middle of the video and I watched it thinking it was part of the video xD

  8. PhotonManFool says:

    With the mini mouse thing, for a softcore gamer like me, an hour and a half of use is hardly anything, Yea it only takes "30 seconds", but that's 30 seconds I could be switching youtube videos…. Other then that it's not that bad

  9. GreenJohnnyPolo l GFX, Drawings l Gaming l says:

    The keyboard looks like shit expensive as shit and probably doesnt even work.

  10. thecool887 says:

    How can IT guys fix the Remix Mini? the should've thought of that because in the current PC design you can change every component…

  11. IQ they QQ says:

    B on the left side? i press B with my right hand. that's not well thought product

  12. ILY BARN says:

    Keyboardio nah cause i'm hardcore gamer.

  13. CuroeGamer says:

    Pretty sure Apple did something similar to that keyboard thing forever ago and everyone hated it.

  14. A. Author says:

    I like my flat box keyboard.

  15. trombone7 says:

    The 80s and 90s were spent saying "Oh when oh when will we be able to touch the screen ?" And finally by now it is beginning to occur to at least some. "I don't want to touch the screen" It blocks the screen, changes how I hold a device, breaks flow etc.
    Its actually kinda immature to poke or smear your next task with your finger. Since the technology is everywhere by now, it should probably be available, but only as a fallback for when you are somehow stuck in an onscreen UI navigation fail.

  16. Dunestorm says:

    2:22 Translate… porn languages?

  17. Hayden Babcock says:

    if you have ever used the keyboard they actually work really well for gaming and surfing the web

  18. Timdeuces says:

    The only non-stupid thing on this list is the 3 monitor thing.

  19. Epicgamerbro2000 says:

    1st thing should have hired someone to speak not the Asian guy who probably made it

  20. kraiem yassin says:

    god.. everytime the next product come i say ' my god thats fucking genius'

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