10 Must See Gadgets at Gadget Show Live 2014

10 Must See Gadgets at Gadget Show Live 2014


Phil Shand checked out some of the coolest gadgets at gadget show live 2014. Check out the list below, their websites and where to find them at GSL 14 NEC Birmingham, if you are visiting be sure to check them out and tell them GagdetsBoy sent you!

– Diji Phantom Quadcopter with camera:http://www.dji.com/ Stand L60
– CEL Robox 3D Printer: http://www.cel-robox.com/ Stand S50
– Touch Genie: http://www.soladapt.com/soladapt-touchscreen-overlays.aspx Stand P41
– Xbox 360 Gaming Wheel
– Digi Legs from Area51: http://www.digilegs.com/
– Bike Hud:http://www.bike-hud.com/ Stand FT3
– AyeGear: http://www.ayegear.com/
– Turbo Wheel AirWheel X3: http://turbowheel.co.uk/
– Infinity Emperor:http://gdgts.by/1n0nRde Stand K50
– One Wheel:http://rideonewheel.com/
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  1. KilliKonKarnage says:

    This half caste interviewer has no idea what he is talking about.

  2. rene ackermans says:
  3. Angel Tsanev says:

    Batman socks cool .

  4. rene ackermans says:
  5. rene ackermans says:
  6. olisacre mihai says:
  7. KOOL MASTER hd says:

    i have that nerf

  8. StreetKingz4Life says:

    cost of the one wheel?

  9. DJChicken v Games says:

    Gadjet just so u know the pocket guy didnt create that product he bought it aka from the guy who created putting your headphones in ur jacket hes a jerk on shark tank

  10. Gadgets (and other cool stuff) says:

    at 8:01 , it should be called "goat maker". looks terrible to actually use it.

  11. David Bett says:

    wanna spot an American…. watch out for the "you Know" before and after every statement… you know

  12. walt schilling says:

    So Ayegear basicly stole the design of the Scott EVest.
    Are they run by the Chinese?

  13. Harris Sufian says:
  14. Joshua Wilcox says:

    All the stuff there is pretty awesome but I'm not sure about the turbo wheel or one wheel. Now you can't do any tricks or grind probably spin in a circle

  15. Taylan Ozkaya says:
  16. goverment corruption says:

    14:12  shoplifters jacket lol

  17. nicolai van manen says:

    seriously ….. this video is a waist of time… nogthing really special showing up here … and you call your self a gadget boy ??? lol

  18. Edward Gitau says:

    +Aziza Bendera Oyaaa 

  19. TheCyberguy101 says:

    He looks like prince

  20. ravi kumar says:

    Good One.

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