14 Awesome Futuristic Inventions That Are Available Right Now

The future is right now! Check out these super cool futuristic gadgets and inventions that exist right now.
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20 thoughts on “14 Awesome Futuristic Inventions That Are Available Right Now”

  1. why you reading my really long pointless username says:

    128 gigabytes gimme now

  2. Finn Rodriguez says:

    What is that app called?

  3. sphinixLike says:

    when is someone going to invent something that's going to make people stop cutting trees

  4. Rawi broekman says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  5. Anime Loves Cake says:

    If I ever had some of these things, I wouldn't use it. I'm wierd and I dunno why, but if I had the trash can, I would feel bad if it goes to the trash I would throw.

  6. Shadows says:

    wish there was an invention whose able to filter out nett trolls

  7. Anas Alrobiai says:

    whats that app that translate?

  8. Keira* Kusuma says:

    The app is called camligual, and its free!

  9. Arno Dorian says:

    you can find that keyboard at Office Max

  10. Bruce Wayne says:

    "Solar powered iPhone chargers"
    Tool. As if solar powered chargers weren't out before the iPhone even existed. 

  11. ToonDayonn says:

    So when is someone gonna create an invention that stops cancer?

  12. Thomas Clunie says:

    What's the translator app called 

  13. Pengy329 says:

    i saw where you took this from

  14. Blobby Blobfish says:

    Poor tree :(

  15. Ali Mohamed says:


  16. AmazingSpaceCat says:

    What should be created is a personal asistant that you can control like a siri that can actually move and do things for you 🙂 because some days im sick and I dont want to clean my desk or bake or even get up and take a controller 🙁 it should be something ! that anyone caan get on markets xD but people are thinking about moving sex dolls and stuff :(

  17. Jemuzu Kobayashi says:

    wow i want this

  18. Savannah Knowles says:

    Cool stuf ???????????????????????? ??????☺?????????????????????????????

  19. The Fancier Potato says:

    Mind Blown

  20. Nerdgasm9001 says:

    the last one seamed to be a joke

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