1v1 Competitive Comprehensive Guide – Brawlhalla – Advanced Tips Tricks and Strategy

Hi everyone! In this video I talk about the following tips, tricks and strategy for 1v1 matches in Brawlhalla:

– Know your dodge options and mechanics @ 0:55

You can view the full video guide on Dodging here: http://youtu.be/mpUDzDByVZs

– Know your weapons’ entire toolset @ 3:12

– Edge Guarding and Chasing @ 4:57

– Learn unarmed combat @ 6:34

– Learn to use gadgets @ 7:47

– Throwing your weapon for offense and defense @ 13:00

– Recognize when your opponent has adapted to your style, then change it up @15:49

– Timing @ 19:06

– Maintaining an advantage @ 20:16

– Predicting Baiting and Mind games @ 22:06

– Take Breaks @ 24:47

– Have Fun @ 26:36

– Character Color Hit Indicator @ 30:24

– Find Good people to play with and a Sparring Partner @ 31:35

– Learn from the people you play against @ 33:13

If you would like to see more detailed video guides on each of the sections here please let me know. For now, thanks for watching and please like/subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

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12 thoughts on “1v1 Competitive Comprehensive Guide – Brawlhalla – Advanced Tips Tricks and Strategy”

  1. raidhyn says:

    The game was designed for keyboard play first, controller second but I
    think any control scheme is perfectly viable. It’s all about what you’re
    most comfortable with. 

  2. ComptonEMT says:

    I was actually practicing my only unarmed combat and gadgets/throws when
    playing with some friends on 12/7. as they started getting accustomed to
    the game I had to start using weapons again but it went well.

    The land mine is great to use against wall huggers. Mines are also great as
    ricochets for weapon throws. When you hit them with a weapon (after being
    armed) the mine will actually explode and give the weapon more “bounce”.
    Sometimes allowing you to do a nice bank shot (kinda like banking items
    down into the hole on grumpy temple using the triangle). Don’t forget my
    bouncing betty bomb =) when someone is pursuing you just toss it straight
    in the ground as you’re landing and it’ll bounce up at them. Lots of
    different ways to use throws.

    I think my style is changing now depending on my weapon. I’m still pretty
    consistent though on what I do and when I do it with what I do it with. my
    timing still blows too.

    another good video with quite a bit to take away

  3. LogyBear says:

    Wow, I’ve been obsessed with Brawlhalla lately and this is some *really*
    solid advice. I’ve been lucky to win most of my matches, but that’s just
    because I use the charged attack at the right times when opponents are
    distracted. 1v1 I usually get my booty kicked xD

    Thank you, sir!

  4. Dennis Wright says:

    When are we gonna learn to dash dance or tech in this game

  5. Caleb Smith says:

    Great video, wish you could go in depth on weapon specific options

  6. FatCell says:

    Can’t wait for my beta code, when I get it, il be so happy

  7. Mybuttishighonheroin says:

    Will previous competitive Smash players jump right into brawlhalla?

  8. Lucas Hernandez says:

    is this game best played with a controller ?

  9. SuperSlime :D says:


  10. agm2004 says:

    Great video, thanks a bunch.

  11. Chris Throwaway says:

    3:16 dat hitbox detection

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