25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks

25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks

25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Hints and Tips

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Welcome to 25 tips on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Hints and Tips ‘Basics’ series. The tips included in this video are listed below and you can click on the time index to jump straight to that video:

@0:05 How to Reorder Notification Settings Bar
@1:30 Long Press on the Notification Settings Buttons
@2:38 How to put Applications on your Front Lockscreen
@4:13 How to setup and App Page or Camera Launcher From your Homescreen
@6:11 How to Take a Screenshot
@8:03 How to Turn off the Earphone Notification Dock
@10:42 How to Create Homescreen Folders
@12:49 How to Adjust Touch Key Light Duration
@13:53 How to Change the Vibration Settings
@16:02 How to Access Developer Options
@17:07 An Android Jellybean Treat
@17:48 How to Install Flash and Use it
@21:11 How to Remove Picasa Pictures from your Gallery
@22:17 Quick Swipedown Settings
@22:59 How to Speed up Home Button Response Times
@24:11 Quick Media Gesture Controls
@25:11 Quick Power Saving Tip Using AVG
@27:09 How to Check your Phone without Touching it
@28:22 How to Change the Lockscreen Message
@29:34 How to use the Floating Video Feature.
@31:14 How to Cap Internet Data Usage
@33:01 Updating Apps Without Data Usage
@34:06 Restrict Background Data Usage
@35:17 Turn Off the Lockscreen Message
@36:08 How to Change the Name of your Device

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  1. Peter Williams says:

    This beats all the other GS4 tips videos as you take the time to properly
    explain the tips unlike the American videos – many thanks.

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    Thanks for making the video. It taught me a few things I didn’t know

  3. Alex L says:

    34:02min your screen has 7 icons at the bottom row and 5 icons each row on
    home page. What app do you use to achieve that?
    Can the app button be placed at the bottom right most instead of bottom

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    25 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks: http://youtu.be/cug4rnFlqSI

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    how do you do tip #6, earphone persistence, with the KK launcher?

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    Thank you for the great tips on using the phone. Had my SG4 a year now n
    did not know it could do many of the things you shown. What is the
    taping/pointing pencil like tool you are using are the aviable to buy?

  12. bushyconn says:

    Great stuff.
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  13. Rob Wilson says:

    25 Galaxy S4 tips? That’s so 2013! http://youtu.be/cug4rnFlqSI

  14. Denise Poole says:

    Thank you for the great tips on using the phone. Had my SG4 a year now n
    did not know it could do many of the things you shown. What is the
    taping/pointing pencil like tool you are using are the aviable to buy?

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    in beginning when you are showing the option of changing the short cut
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    no reset, but there is. at least on mine ,and its not a mini. 

  21. Ann Hogg says:

    My usb/charging port on my phone is damaged and my phone is going back to
    be replaced. I need to take my photos and videos off but when I try to blue
    tooth it is very slow and wont send videos. I have tried e-mailing and the
    same happens. I have just purchased a micro sd card but it doesnt give an
    option to transfer from phone to sd card.( Galaxy S4)
    Any ideas. Help! Thanks

  22. Jonathan Burton says:

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    A Little long but WORTH it! I really feel very knowledgeable now. lol 

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    Samsung Galaxy S4 hints & tips

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