5 Weed Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Pot Smoking!

5 Weed Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Pot Smoking!

Smoking weed is getting more and more creative. These pot gadgets could change your life forever. Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/8qwR0

What do you think of these gadgets? Would you add any to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “5 Weed Gadgets That Will Revolutionize Pot Smoking!”

  1. billy green says:

    wow I’m going to guess that this guy knows nothing about grass

  2. Eduar Salgado says:

    This video would’ve been great …EXCEPT for the douche that’s in the
    video. Anyways the gadgets aren’t bad but aren’t revolutionary check you’re
    title. And fire the douche probably youll.get more subscribers .

  3. Furry Alot says:

    yeah, nobody would notice that you are lighting up your coffee :D

  4. Nicolas Mendoza says:

    McD´s bong cup: who the fuck wants to smoke out of this? Someone with awful
    taste. Wasn´t the point to make things thinking of the future, of
    legalization and yatta yatta? If you wanna be inconspicous, smoke a joint,
    just toss if cops are comming your way. If you want to smoke out of a bong,
    heres an idea, smoke a bong!
    Fancy smoke pack: This guy wanted to be classy. Ok, fine. Expensive bongs
    are classy. Blunt wraps are classy. Hell even transparent cellulose papers.
    This pack is so very lame and akward, you cant fit a lighter a joint and
    ganj all in a fancy case it just makes a mess.
    Rodawg jar: Not bad
    Other(magnifying glass) storage container: The image is awful, it´s shit. I
    can only imagine how shitty this thing is in person. And, ever use a
    magnifying glass? Notice how you move it around to view an object, how will
    you do this if the lid and the product your viewing is fixed in one spot.
    Belt buckle: Need I even say it… sigh…. There are so many of these
    `convinient´ pipes and bongs out there. how convinient is it to take of
    your belt when you need to smoke? oh and if cops come I guess youll just
    chuck it away as if wayving a giant red flag, or you might try just
    strapping it on. Like no officer, I didnt have my cock out in public, I was
    just checking my buckle… 5 gadgets to revolutionize pot smoking?

  5. RatDog67 says:

    Love the idea with the magnifying glass… I always carry a pocket
    magnifier yo check the crystals on my bud :)

  6. CrazyBear65 says:

    That was interesting, sort of, I guess, but what they need to work on,
    instead of making high-end, Sharper Image looking weed gadgets and
    marketing them to yuppies, is to work on the appearance of the yuppies
    themselves, get them to lose the ties and the restrictive clothing and
    silly haircuts, and start dressing like regular folks. They also need to
    lose that yuppy attitude of acting like their shit doesn’t stink.

  7. mike fiske says:

    this guy is an asshole, and knows nothing of the ganj

  8. Ryan Mitchell says:

    no one smokes in public in doors unless they want to be caught

  9. 420VapeLife says:

    Should of let the girl do the show solo, the guy is a fking douche

  10. colin z says:

    This guy is a queer hahaha

  11. Ngati Leprechaun says:

    I think one of the best upcoming developments, in terms of cannabis
    paraphenalia, is the creation of nanomaterials [for pipes, hookahs, and
    vaporizers] that minimize thc’s adherence to surfaces, thereby maximizing
    thc uptake. Consider that your weed might contain 19% thc, but you’re only
    getting, say, 3-5% of that thc when you smoke it in a normal pipe because
    the rest of it is lost when it adheres to the cone and/or the inside of the
    pipe. The solution? a nanomaterial that reduces or eliminates adhesion.

  12. Caleb Cook says:

    “Put a bird on it” …oh god that one episode of portlandia

  13. Chris Burke says:

    As someone who isn’t a hippie type.. I’m 100% all for the move that’s
    happening to cater to the business people who smoke.. I hate that I can’t
    find a regular pipe.. It has to be covered it stupid hippie stuff 

  14. ABRAXAS says:

    #1 weed gadget: The Sublimator.

  15. Metalalbumreviewers says:

    Nobody is going to address that the woman said nothing halfway intelligent,
    or contributed anything of substance to the entire conversation? Oh…well,
    I guess I just did.

    *enter the sea of white knights demanding my head on a spike*

  16. T.J. Parker says:

    apparently all 17 year olds who smoke are just hippie stoners, yeah.. true.
    BUT, im one of those 17 year old (just turned 18) hippies who suffers from
    extreme anxiety and depression. i smoke marijuana as a way to cope with the
    feelings, both in my head and actual feelings. soooo i guess we arent all
    just hippie stoners :))))))

  17. jace alley says:

    these guys really make me upset

  18. Justin Townsend says:

    doesnt make sense the more weed is legal the less people will have to hide

  19. HomeGrown Berry says:

    Fuck they are such noobs it literally hurts me 

  20. Jay2300Cee says:

    watching this as i’m stoned. lol

  21. Mattys Mind says:

    They had “two off” one time

  22. Drew Grow says:

    Waste of money gunk gadgets

  23. googoomagoob says:

    this dude is a mega doucher. keep your mouth shut you stupid dick face.

  24. Ryan Mitchell says:

    this is frustrating to watch

  25. Caitlin MacLeod says:

    I have that octopus necklace, chick! 1¢ on Amazon, shipped straight from
    China; awwwwwwlllllright.
    HEY HEY HEY smoke weed every day 

  26. niraj pandya says:

    Good Start….Technixmedia…….


    nicee ..

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