9 News cut short by major technical failure

9 News cut short by major technical failure

9 News Brisbane suffered major technical difficulties on 21 Jan 2014 that saw the one hour bulletin forced to finish after just 36 minutes. Story playout kept failing and it resulted in no sport being shown and several promised storied missed.

There were multiple early breaks to commercial to allow time to correct the problem, blank stares, a frozen image, a black screen, queried looks to the floor manager but in the end there was nothing to be done.

The following program A Current Affair was fortunately on one hour delay because of the time difference with Sydney caused by daylight saving so was able to be played just after 6:36, a time that it used to occupy anyway until the recent introduction of the one hour news.

And the poor anchor though all this is Melissa Downes. Wally Lewis also seen attempting to do sport.

Source QTQ 9 Brisbane
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9 thoughts on “9 News cut short by major technical failure”

  1. CMAR606 says:

    in the words of Bill O'Riley who use to do Inside Edition but is now on Fox NewS:

    " F**K IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"

  2. andymate2006 says:

    If they cut the show short then there must've been a major fault within their equipment. Maybe the technicians swapped out whatever was faulty after they announced they had to go.

  3. Lachlan Kelly says:

    Davina Smith(the weather girl) now presents Sydney 5pm news bulletin. 

  4. browndog1980 says:

    Laughed every time the express post envelope image appeared. 

  5. LeonBradleyAUS says:

    I imagine the Labor Party was responsible for screwing up the Craig Thompson story portion of the Broadcast!

  6. treffynnon19 says:

    At least they still have a proper theme tune to work with…

  7. JayLeeTV says:

    Please apply water to burn

  8. leftymuller says:

    hahaha that's priceless.. somebody would be having their ass handed to them right now

  9. Australian TV Fan says:

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