All About Android 196: Space Hackers

Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards, Gina Trapani, and Bryan Burnett.
This week, we’ll be discussing a critical security issue for older devices, Samsung’s new Galaxy A7, Google brings Lollipop styling to Jelly Bean and Kit Kat devices and more.
Guest: Ish Harshawat
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5 thoughts on “All About Android 196: Space Hackers”

  1. Fred Gaffney says:

    Thanks for addressing my question on tablet obsolescence. Guess it's time to start shopping!

  2. Terry Laquey says:

    Thanks' for the info~

  3. Travis Staples says:

    Sad that +Gina Trapani is no longer hosting AAA… 🙁  However, wish her the best with +ThinkUp!

  4. Joe Prosser says:

    Tom Merrit?

  5. Lonnie Gerol says:


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