All About Android 200: What’s For Dinner?

All About Android 200: What's For Dinner?

Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards and Bryan Burnett.
This week, we’ll be discussing Google IO 2015, Android 5.1, Samsung Z1, Apple’s app development for Android, and more!
Guests: Shannon Morse, Gina Trapani and Eileen Rivera
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9 thoughts on “All About Android 200: What’s For Dinner?”

  1. Christopher Ursich says:

    It was great to see +Eileen Rivera again.  No other TWiT show has the friendship that characterizes AAA.

  2. Paul Gunton says:

    I still can't believe it's been 200 episodes.  It just seems like yesterday when they were talking about the G1 phone.  Congratulations: +Jason Howell, +Ron Richards and +Bryan Burnett .

  3. inphi says:

    Shannon need to take the 3rd chair.

  4. QuvannyF Gomes says:

    RON  XBMC…………..   

  5. Thomas Edward says:

    Actually watched live for a change! Gratz on 200!

  6. N2tech says:

    At this point I have hit a plateau where I couldn't care less about switching to Android because I have made my choice to use ios.
    It's not a jab because i still like to hear about their innovation and I love to watch AAA. I think anyone that's been in the Android ios race as long as I have has made their choice and barring a mind blowing addition to ether platform there is little chance of switching.

  7. Māris Samats says:

    What is the name of the mic, that Gina uses? Or some similar?

  8. Bradley Jackson says:

    Please have +Myriam Joire on more often!

  9. gooderthanyou says:

    Eileen looks great!!!

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