All About Android 212: Show Me The Pie

Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards and Bryan Burnett
This week, we’ll be discussing custom voice actions, a slew of developer news, Wear 5.1’s new features, Google+ finally ADDS a new feature, and more.
Guest: Gina Trapani
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7 thoughts on “All About Android 212: Show Me The Pie”

  1. McClain S says:

    On 5.1.X, the "none" volume option will say "until next alarm at xx:xx" if an alarm is set, which is what Jason was trying to remember. It wasn't working for you because you didn't have one set. That said, your theory that it it only works in priority mode was an interesting one, all be it false. Alarms have been enabled to ring through in priority mode since 5.0.0. Better luck next time! ?

  2. Alexander R says:

    I love Google but my 1st love is Microsoft regardless. I still buy PCs and wish the best to Microsoft. 

  3. Andreas Ebbert-Karroum says:

    AppChat seems to be incredibly useful. Especially for developers. Going to try that out right now.

  4. Geek Miz says:

    Look forward to AAA every week

  5. TutsTeach says:

    Even last 4 digits and expiry date should have been edited out…

  6. Māris Samats says:

    Also, all of those contact links would be very useful to see in the video description.

  7. Māris Samats says:

    Hmm. Google has its own "Ok Google, what is this song", but it told me, that it is not available in my country. So they implemented its own workaround with "Shazam this song"?

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