All About Android 215: Moments of Delight

Hosts: Jason Howell and Ron Richards
This week, we’ll be previewing what we THINK we can expect at this year’s Google IO, also a close look at Project Tango, the release of Periscope for Android, Microsoft’s continued efforts of cross platform development, and more.
Guest: Michael Wolfson, Phil Nickinson, and Daniel Tyson
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6 thoughts on “All About Android 215: Moments of Delight”


    that google i like it

  2. Jason Howell (raygun01) says:

    almost called "Is What It Is"

  3. Wassef Kamal says:


  4. Lutranereis says:

    As a long time viewer of +AllAboutAndroid  on YouTube, I hope the new changes bring more people here to watch, too. The comment section on these videos is usually pretty barren.

  5. aguyandhiscomputer says:

    The 60 FPS video was trippy. Not sure how I feel about it. The front shots are ok but the over the shoulder look bad to me. Too smooth. Maybe a better monitor will help.

  6. Michael Keepper says:

    +Jason Howell​ and +Ron Richards​ Thanks for mentioning my recycling pitch on +AllAboutAndroid​ Show Episode 215. Thrilled to hear my name on your show and see my Google+ profile page on the show. I know you were just having some fun when you talked about using a hammer and burying the device in the back yard. I just felt compelled to preach Recycling and promote +Gazelle​. Thanks again! Love the show!

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