All About Android 217: The Huggable Phone

All About Android 217: The Huggable Phone

Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and Bryan Burnett
This week, we’ll be discussing a few missed IO details, Motorola’s new found devotion to camera quality, an improved Android TV Play Store experience, and Apple–coming to Android, and that’s not a joke.
Guests: Florence Ion

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5 thoughts on “All About Android 217: The Huggable Phone”

  1. marcvought says:

    I love aaa. I watch all the time. These guys are great, but Florence ION, she is smart and beautiful! Please friends, have her back! 

  2. abidnamee says:

    nice, finally the 60 fps is here ! 
    it will make a world of difference

  3. Stephen Breck Reid says:

    It seems like Jason is using Google Keep. Has he shifted from Evernote?

  4. Nigel Naughton says:

    I love greenbot!

  5. Jesse Tomlinson says:

    "uh-oh…..i didn't actually eat that cake"

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