All About Android 218: Android Curious

Hosts: Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and Myriam Joire
Google offers cash for those who discover flaws in Android, Google overhauls Chrome’s password manager to become part of its new Smart Lock service, a possible solution to Android Wear not working well with the developer preview of Android M, Google launches site to help you find the right Android phone for you, Headunit for AA puts Android Auto on your tablet, a recap of news at day one of E3, and more.
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7 thoughts on “All About Android 218: Android Curious”

  1. Pew Channel says:


  2. Māris Samats says:

    Portal is awesome app!

  3. Nigel Naughton says:

    Flipd? Really? Just have some self control! Damn!!

  4. Mike Reid says:

    Thanks for covering my Headunit app for Android Auto ! 🙂

    Yes, it's still very experimental, and voice input does not yet work. It took, and will take a HUGE amount of ongoing reverse-engineering work because Google is not releasing the protocol specifications.

    June 12 and earlier releases of Headunit are free to download from my XDA thread, and there will continue to be some free versions. But yes, every sale encourages me further.

    I worked very hard for over 4 years on my Spirit FM apps, reverse and forward engineering both, but we all know that broadcast radio has been dying for some time.

    I am now committed to "connected car" and Android Auto specifically and app sales support will help me to add many new features. USB is a pain and I'm looking forward to AA over WiFi (the code is in there now).

    Root will become useful for many things in the near future, like support devices without official USB Host mode support. MANY people also want a one device standalone implementation of AA and I hope to be able to support this, likely requiring root.

    Lots more info and ask any question on my thread:

  5. aguyandhiscomputer says:

    Great show Myriam.

  6. Manvir Singh (P4L) says:

    Sound is not inn sync

  7. Rex Valle says:

    First! I love AAA! :D

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