All About Android 220: Hot Tub Piano Machine

All About Android 220: Hot Tub Piano Machine

This week, we’ll be discussing a three fer of two fers, the Xiaomi Mi 4i, the end of Circa, battery breakthroughs, and more.
We invite you to check out the full show notes for today’s episode here.
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9 thoughts on “All About Android 220: Hot Tub Piano Machine”

  1. J. José Rivera Torres says:

    Adjusting how ads are clicked on should not be detrimental to the way they do business. Instead it should helped them because now ads results will be more accurate by not counting accidental clicks.

  2. Tim Box says:

    I do feel that Oneplus is been given a hard time.
    How is it their fault that Cyanogen was delayed in releasing the new version?
    I had an issue with the modem in CM12 and Oneplus went out of there way to resolve it.
    Ron A needs to try and run a company with limited budget and see how well it goes.

  3. Ron Richards says:

    HOT TUB PIANO!!! +All About Android gets wacky! Always fun to have +Ron Amadeo on….give it a watch

  4. Ron Amadeo says:

    Here's the show!

  5. Jason Howell (raygun01) says:

    aka a Threefer of Twofers

  6. All About Android says:

    Last night's show was a doozy in so many ways. But it gave birth to the concept of a Hot Tub Piano Machine. So there's that.

    With +Ron Amadeo joining +Jason Howell and +Ron Richards.

    We discuss the end of Eclipse support, the end of Jason's Moto360, the end of battery's that suck (wishful thinking), the end of an awesome app… man, on second thought, last night's show seems like a bummer. But I promise it's not. You'll also discover a segment devoted to "leaky rear dimples." And for that, I'm truly sorry.




  7. gerald fraser says:

    Jeez, a bit over the top ref the dimple.. 

  8. Benjamin Reynolds says:

    The Dimple is Sound!

  9. Golgafrinchan .s says:


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