All About Android 222: Android Is PET Friendly

This week, we’ll be discussing Android M Preview 2, Google’s take on proximity, Sundar Pichai’s thoughts on phone intrusion, Commodore’s Android phone, and more. 
We invite you to check out the full show notes for today’s episode here.


6 thoughts on “All About Android 222: Android Is PET Friendly”

  1. George Wheeler (Wheelercub) says:

    Great episode. BTW, Halt & Catch Fire is one of the best shows on TV that nobody is watching, alongside Hannibal, HUMANS, and Mr Robot.

  2. Jesse Tomlinson says:

    Jason is out of focus. Makes my eyes water

  3. Gordon Barlow says:

    Commodore, I use to fix them.

  4. mando lopez says:

    Love the show guys! 

  5. Anthony Kelly says:

    Florence is a great guest, but I think she could do with a better mic. It was noticeably quiet and muffled on the audio podcast

    Otherwise, I really enjoyed the show. Thanks, people 

  6. Aaron Grupstra says:

    Another good one, thanks guys.

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