All About Android 223: It Goes to 11

This week, we’ll be discussing security concerns, Samsung announnces Galaxy S2 tablets, Marshall announces a smartphone, +Google Photos, Samsung Pay, and Humble Bundle.We invite you to check out the full show notes for today’s episode here.
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5 thoughts on “All About Android 223: It Goes to 11”

  1. sean holt says:

    i will keep my interact payment thank you. paying with ones cell phone will be a long time before it takes off in north america.

  2. sean holt says:

    my phone only shows up when the screen is on

  3. Justin L says:

    The problem with a $20 Android PC is that it's a $20 PC — in other words, it's a handicapped piece of crap.  I'd gladly pay $75 or so for an awesome Android desktop computer with better specs, build quality, Android 5.1, etc..  I'd be very happy with an Android desktop.  I can surf the internet on it, work on Google Docs, play games, etc..  A bottom of the barrel Dell or HP PC starts at what $250?  So even $75 to $100 would be a huge savings compared to that.  And add in the advantage of having a lightweight OS and not bloated Winblows.

  4. Māris Samats says:

    Those assistants will get better only when they will make API's for developers to include their own stuff in them.

  5. ciprodriguez says:

    Yay something good to watch before bed.

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