All About Android 224: Why You No NFC?

This week, we’ll be discussing the Stagefright flaw, Motorola’s new lineup of devices, the newly announced OnePlus Two, how your phone is tracking every move you make and its a feature, and more.
We invite you to check out the full show notes for today’s episode here.
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8 thoughts on “All About Android 224: Why You No NFC?”

  1. Tom Zach says:

    great episode. awesome inputs by +Myriam Joire

  2. Heinz Seijas says:

    I love how Miriam gets about the vertical videos. lol …but yeah. Totally true. It needs to go away.

  3. inphi says:

    Just install Linux +Shannon Morse and be done with it. ;P

  4. Joao_ Rafael says:

    The NFC not being on the 1+ is ridiculous. My mom has a Vodafone smart 4 and it has NFC, it costed 75 euros, GOD!

  5. Robert Williams says:

    awesome episode once again really made me think twice about getting One Plus 2 – in line but might not get it – does anyone know if it has bluetooth LE in the 4.1? 4.1 does not require any of the 4.1 features certified so just curious on that. It seems to be missing a lot of small features. thanks guys!

  6. Gordon Hansen says:

    I'm really starting to dislike any episode that Myriam is in, he just continually takes over every show. He is very knowledgeable but come on let everyone have their opinion and shut the hell up.

  7. flippy2332 says:

    Miriam is such an excellent Co-Host. Such great insight and opinion. Keep up the great work!

  8. bmorant1902 says:

    +Jason Howell  what happened to your beloved Pixel?  what do you have no in front of you – Acer 15 inch Chromebook?

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