All About Android 225: Swiper, No Swiping

All About Android 225: Swiper, No Swiping

This week, we’ll be discussing new beta test options for developers, the new Moto G, Samsung’s upcoming Note 5 launch, the fate of the YotaFone in the US, the fate of your lap if your Nvidia Shield tablet lights on fire, and more.
We invite you to check out the full show notes for today’s episode here.
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9 thoughts on “All About Android 225: Swiper, No Swiping”

  1. Esthi Iswari says:

    Bring Michael more often

  2. superbionicbatman says:

    My Dell Streak running Froyo is part of the problem. 🙂
    Great panel and show this week!

  3. Lucius Bossio says:

    Michael Fisher is a gentleman and a scholar if there ever was one.

  4. Nigel Naughton says:

    Maybe one of the reasons your poll numbers are down is because it: 
    1. Takes you forever to put the video and/or poll up
    2. You totally forget to even post the poll to G+

    Maybe? +Jason Howell +Ron Richards

  5. marcvought says:

    And Aaron is in my top 5. Aaa always has awesome guests. 

  6. marcvought says:

    Michael Fisher is my favorite non twit android guy. 

  7. Lance Martin says:

    7:40 Kit kat is rock solid with minimal bugs

  8. Dave Dublin says:

    michael is great. i was delighted to see him on the show. im more of an ios guy but all about android is my favourite twit show. love it.

  9. Māris Samats says:

    Hmm, didnt know that about OnePlus2 usb. But then, if the benifits of their implementation of Type C are the same as a regular micro usb – why implement it? Just for the hype and "first mobile phone with USB Type C connector" title? Such disappointment.

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