Android Auto on a Nexus 7: All About Android 218

Jason Howell shows off Headunit AA, which allows Android Auto to work on a Nexus 7. 
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One thought on “Android Auto on a Nexus 7: All About Android 218”

  1. KillMeNext says:

    FYI, the developer of Headunit (HU) has it for free for XDA members, but please support his awesome work!

    You can also jump aboard with AutoMate AutoMate is basically Android Auto in a standalone version. I have a note 4 that I just put sideways in a cradle in my car, and its big enough that I can use it as a full Android Auto device all by itself. I much prefer though to use a 7 to 10inch in my truck with Android Auto though once I get it all setup. Note 4 screen is big, but I want more, lol.

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