Android Lollipop Updates and Galaxy S5 Sales

On this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon tackles the most burning questions in the world of tech including what phone you should consider getting if you are a Verizon Wireless subscriber and when you can expect to see Android 5.0 hit the HTC One M8 and the Motorola Moto X. Jon also tells us what he thinks of the recent Moto 360 2 rumors and why Samsung should be worried about poor Galaxy S5 sales. MORE:

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20 thoughts on “Android Lollipop Updates and Galaxy S5 Sales”

  1. varun shah says:

    Lollipop 5.0 for Samsung note 3 n900 when will be available? 

  2. dubgamer weatherred says:
  3. TheTCOLL says:

    Reason the Samsung phone isn't selling well is because its junk and now those users (especially older users) who needed a larger screen can go to an iPhone.  Checkmate. 

  4. Alex Velazquez says:

    I TOTALLY agree with your standpoint on Samsung flagship phones. People are really given 4 or 5 different price points to try and control the cellphone market. Although i am an android fan, there is no doubt Samsung should learn a thing or two about Apple's marketing strategies. 

  5. BertedTechChannel says:

    @ObsessedTaco I choose nexus nut it is up to you….

  6. Daniel Morelli says:

    Skip mid-video ad, click 4:02

  7. Yin Bunhay says:

    When Android L release for Note 4?

  8. SilencerRemix says:

    I agree with the last response. Samsung should release less phones and focus more on sorting out their software ui and bloat. Touchwiz needs to be refreshed too and be less demanding on resources. Although I think a reason for the galaxy S5 not selling as much may be because it wasn't a radical design change from the S4.

  9. Hunter Hastings says:

    when are you going to do the office tour!!!

  10. arfifteenguy says:

    What do you think of phone companies advertizing more RAM but filling it so full of bloat that it really doesn't have any more useable RAM then there devices with less RAM?? LG G3 vs LG G2 for instance G3 has 3gigs G2 has 2gigs but both have on average the same available RAM for multi-tasking  

  11. taz874 says:

    Samsung seriously needs to stop making so many damn phones that just isn't needed tbh. Just make one beast of a phone and focus all ur energy on the s6 rather then tryna make a version with a curved screen another with this and that etc

  12. David Jay says:

    The only reason Samsung will reduce the amount of phones that they make is because they are getting ready to transition to Tizen. This is a new venture for them. 

  13. Kane S says:

    put 5.0 on my moto x today. Verizon version.

  14. Tim Lewis says:

    Ha anyone else realised that bad android updates are nothing to do with google. The oems are the reason the updates are slow or non-existent. Or am i just not retarded?

  15. thekabouter55 says:

    I have galaxy s4 with android 4.2.2. Will there be any new updates coming?

  16. TeckyGirl ForLife says:

    Why do ppl dislike touchwiz??? Just curious 

  17. Vinay Bhopale says:

    Pebble or Moto 360?

  18. Romeo Dapper says:

    I agree 100 percent samsung have too many phones on the market.

  19. KLX says:

    Still no lollipop for my Moto G 2nd Gen.

  20. Stefan Matthias Cornelius Glauninger says:

    Galaxy S* – the flagship
    Galaxy S*compact – the smaller flagship with the same specs
    Galaxy S*mini – the smaller flagship with a cheaper pricetag
    Galaxy Alpha* – for all the metal lovers
    Galaxy Note* – for people with huge hands
    Galaxy Cheap (mini) – the name says it all
    This should be it. But we have like 10x as many Samsung phones out there.

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