Apple iOS vs Android – Top 5 reasons Apple is better than Android (Part 2)

Apple iOS vs Google Android. I highlight what I think are the Top 5 advantages that Apple devices have over Android devices.

What are your Top 5 reasons you think Apple is better than Android? Drop a comment below or post a video response!

Apple vs Android – Top 5 Advantages Android has over Apple –

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20 thoughts on “Apple iOS vs Android – Top 5 reasons Apple is better than Android (Part 2)”

  1. dswagger Greene says:

    u could have gave apple better reasons

  2. Sam vs says:

    And it just looks 100 times better…

    Lets keep it real, android is ugly as fuck

  3. Creepyella GT says:

    Well I prefer android. I have iPad 2

  4. Israel Anderson says:

    I read a list of the most popular phones and the list says Apple is #1 and android is #2.

  5. Reva Gray says:

    thanks for doing these comparisons. can you comment on security issues between Android and Apple? After several windows pc's crashed due to viruses, I bought a mac book pro. no more problems. my phone is Android and it is time for upgrade. I am leaning towards iPhone6. The contender is Samsung Galaxy 6 . any opinion of yours is welcome.

  6. Alley Oop says:

    Grrrrr I hate comparison videos especially if they have no grounds to stand on :P

  7. Alley Oop says:

    What the shuzcakes. I have many samsung stores in my small town in new Zealand and I have never even heard of an apple store. I've owned an iPhone before and it was a pile of junk. ooohioooo let's customise the wallpaper and even the lock screen… but who needs widgets or live wallpapers! ? seriously . iPhone is a joke, a con.

  8. Marquette Smith says:

    this is why I drop Android

  9. Eric Richer says:

    apple sucks dicks just like a store in japan or china

  10. Roger Mcjunkin says:

    but I don't use Android or apple I choose the non competitor the windows phone ?

  11. Roger Mcjunkin says:

    Apple never really changes anything the only reason people pick apple over Android is because it shows social status because with every iPhone except the 5c it is about $600 every phone as with Android smartphones they range from $15 to $600 but there is almost no separate price range for apple and almost all apple phones look the same in specs people are actually being ripped off with the iPhone 6 because of the price although you only get a 2mp front cam and a 5mp back cam and it doesn't even have a IR blaster or dual flash but you can go to sprint and get a lgg3 for $150 and it has laser auto focus a 13mp back cam and a 5mp front cam and a IR blaster and a way better display than any iPhone I have ever seen.

  12. Diaming787 says:

    I prefere apple because android has too much of everything I could handle.

  13. GossipQueenz _ says:

    People are waay too critacal in these comments. Its not that deep- if u like your phone then good for you. Its doesnt mean somone is poor just because they have an Android. And it dosent mean someone is dumb just beause they have an iphone. I have had both and i personaly like they Android better because you can customize your phone- just my opinion.

  14. GromasT v says:

    you fucking kidding me with this list you serious? :DD
    5. you put support and system service? atleast in my country there is support and system service in any fucking mall ….
    4. simple choices? yeah becouse with apple there is no competition , they create a phone bigger ,better looking with a iphone 4 or 5 system and realese it adding some shit that you never use :DDD
    3. resale value , the reason apple sells their phones like that its becouse apple phones are seled becouse of their name , they release a phone sell a shit out of it to stupid people and get money then they release another and  milk you for more till the shoping stops… Android has alot of competition , nokie , samsung , LG and more … but they realese phones faster , with new shit every time that people can use and they do not charge that much becouse there is no need to , they are selling phones to people to get them the best phone they can have not like apple , apple owners sell phones that are shit  jsut to get money , that is bussness deal with it …
    2. consistency and updates? you serious , realy?? android do not need updates , the phone is always released without major bugs …. and every time they realese a phone the phone gets improved alot not like iphone, a new app that you dont even fucking use 😀
    1. optimised apps. you can get same apps on google store for free. the reason why companies like facebook or instagram relese shit on apple first becouse there are more idiots who buy iphones , and apple give more money to the companies (facebook instagram) becouse of adversment … the only reason apple is better than android  – apple has good bussines men  who can milk money from your stupid ass, and they dont give a shit about your iphones, they sell the phone to get money not to make customer happy …

  15. G narayan says:

    To me why Apple is better than android is smooth UI, That's it, And im happy with that.

  16. DodgeGrity says:

    It's h not hāch

  17. Dylan Charles says:

    Galaxy is better

  18. Zack Kerzner says:

    In the android video, he had all real legitimate software reasons why android is better. In this apple vid, he talks a lot about support and not actual software or firmware. Just goes to show that there weren't a lot of pluses about apple. :)

  19. The Best says:

    IPhone only cost $200 to make


  20. Mike Marion says:

    The I phones are for richy bitches and 12 year old kids trying to be in the latest trend. Discussion over.

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