Asus Transformer Prime Video (TF201, TF300, TF700) – Tips and Tutorial #12: HDMI Screen Crop

There is an option to crop you HDMI connected screen to remove the status bar at the bottom of the ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet.

I’ll show you how here 🙂


11 thoughts on “Asus Transformer Prime Video (TF201, TF300, TF700) – Tips and Tutorial #12: HDMI Screen Crop”

  1. SuperGhinz says:

    Does not work anymore, dont have the crop option….

  2. jooles88 says:

    cool thanks

  3. Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says:

    I’ve just plugged my Prime in since jellybean update and it still has a
    crop feature if that’s what you’re referring to. The hdmi cable does have
    to be plugged in and the prime connected to a TV before this HDMI option
    will appear in the settings.

  4. DerkThunder says:

    This option doesnt exist anymore. Now in the hdmi settings the only stuff
    that is there pertains to 3D TVs. So nice video but entirely frustrating
    that the option you are showing has been removed.

  5. jijo skaria says:

    Hi,I didn’t see the hdmi option in my tablet?

  6. jijo skaria says:

    Thanks vgjfelix……you are doing very good job..keep it up!

  7. DerkThunder says:

    I don’t have a prime I have a TF700. And I’m running Ice Cream Sandwich not
    Jelly Bean. I know where the option should be and it’s gone. I do get the
    hdmi settings to show up when plugged in but again nothing about cropping.
    My TV is oversampling the image put out by the tablet and has not options
    to fix it with the TV alone. What it really needs is an option to change
    the output resolution but this OS just doesn’t have it.

  8. Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says:

    Have you tried the crop mode shown in my HDMI basics video?

  9. Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says:

    You might have to have the HDMI cable plugged in and connect/displaying on
    your screen. Also, have you got ICS and updated to the latest firmware.

  10. C:\ampbell says:

    When I plug my Prime into my TV it doesn’t scale properly, playing GTA the
    corners are chopped off D:

  11. CaLiBoMBaY says:

    You’re the best. Have you checked out “Circle launch lite” from the market?
    It can clean up your folders in to one circle it’s a very cool app!!!

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