Projections for 2015: All About Android 194

Russell Ivanovic and Jason Howell talk about what they hope to see for Android in 2015. For the full episode, go to

Robin Smartphone from Nextbit: All About Android 235

Robin. The smarter smartphone. by Nextbit Video Rating: / 5

Blackberry Priv Typing Test: All About Android 240

Is the Blackberry Priv faster than a touch screen? Find out! Go to for the full episode. Video Rating: / 5

BlackBerry Priv: All About Android 239

BlackBerry Priv review, if you simply must have a physical keyboard.For the full episode go to Video Rating: / 5

Tech News: Iphone 6c & Iphone 6s Updates & Leaked Information

Here we have a some leaked information about the upcoming iphone 6s & 6c. There are only a few facts leaked about the phone that will be launched end of…

BBC World News – James Caan discusses unemployment and the Start-Up Loans initiative, May 2013

James Caan speaks to Tanya Beckett about why young entrepreneurship can thrive despite market conditions.

TWITCH VS. STEAM! – Tech Tuesday

Steam Broadcasting – Chanute vs AT&T – WhatsApp Divorce – Jackie Chan Solar Power – Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to our SubReddit:

Tech News Today 1374: Google Search Gets A.I.

Anchor: Mike Elgan and Co-Anchor: Lindsey Turrentine 10/26/15: Google is using artificial intelligence to process difficult searches on Google, a countertop beer brewing system for less than the cost of…

News Updates 3/27 with Perianne Boring Perianne Boring brings you today’s top news stories in Money & Tech: The Bitcoin Foundation released a statement on Wednesday in response to the IRS tax guidance for digital…

GQueues iOS Mobile App Updates Version 1.3.1

Four big updates to the GQueues iOS mobile app, to help you work even more efficiently. Start your free 14-day trial of GQueues at Video Rating: / 5

SUP News | Latin American company wins the Start-Up Chile Demo Day

The startup Fracttal won the Start-Up Chile 11th Generation Demo Day and a round-trip to San Francisco, where they can meet more entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley. Santiago Zavala…

StudioPaw Tech News

Latest tech news updates intro Video Rating: / 5

Tech Update: Pushing boundaries of space exploration

Russia celebrated Cosmonauts’ Day on 12 April in honor of Yury Gagarin’s historic flight in space, so we wanted to get into the spirit of things and see what’s changed…

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Untethered Update, Cyberelevat0r iPhone 5C Proof, iPad To Jailbreak & Details

WATCH FIRST For More 7.1.1 Updates, Follow Me On Twitter:!/iCrackUriDevice Untethered iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Cyberelevator utility is in development by i0n1c. Full details on both iOS 7.1.1 and Cyberelevator…

Appathon 2014

Appathon 2014, l’Hackathon finanziario organizzato da UniCredit, nell’UniCredit Tower a Milano. Video Rating: / 5

Tech News Today 1332: YouTube Isn’t Playing Games With Gaming

Anchor: Mike Elgan and Co-Anchor: Kevin Tofel 8/26/15: YouTube Gaming arrives, Verizon makes your dumb car smart, a new track pad that can revolutionize the computer-fondling industry, and more. Guests:…

Prophecy News Science/Technology Updates

More advancements in our technology, some of which could have everything to do with end times events, as well as be used by the Antichrist system. Video Rating: /…

7 News Boston WHDH Technical Difficulties

7 News Boston WHDH Technical Difficulties 7 NEWS @6 NEWS fail NEWS Technical Difficulties Technical Difficulties NEWS Start and fail 7 News Boston WHDH Technical Difficulties 7 News Boston WHDH…

Tech News Today 1286: Facebook Doesn’t Need Your Face

Anchor: Mike Elgan and Co-Anchor: Joe Panettieri 6/23/2015: Facebook can recognize you in pictures without your face, Amazon Echo is now available to the public, how to get artificial intelligence help…

اعلان فيلم الجزيرة 2 من Technical News

ماتنسوش Share عشان اجمد الافلام صفحتنا على الفيس بوك Video Rating: / 5

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