Battlefield 4 – Jet Altitude Bug

Battlefield 4 - Jet Altitude Bug

Today I’m discussing and showing you guys the dreaded Jet Altitude bug which still has yet to be fixed!

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25 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – Jet Altitude Bug”

  1. Ghost Gaming says:
  2. Stone Creek Cinema says:

    How does he turn that fast? When I fly a et I turn SUPER slow. WTF

  3. Spratster says:

    25 second intro is horrible

  4. Hunter Rodrigez says:

    oh BF4… the game is a joke and its the worst one i have seen in my entire
    fuck EA, fuck DICE i hope they both go bankrupt and i dont care that people
    would lose their jobs because they seem to suck pretty hard at said jobs

  5. The Eurofighter says:

    Same on PS4 :(

  6. nukeclears says:

    Dice will probably fix it after like 5 months after they released the DLC’s
    and got all your money, and then with the fix they introduce 5 new bugs.

  7. Andreas Amundsen says:

    I though u had to hit a certain spot on the gunship 😛 Anyways, it’s great
    that u make videos about such bugs! Keep up the good work!

  8. MrTommymxr says:

    I never noticed this

  9. xPsyrate says:

    I’ve died so many times and lost so many kills because of this… Great
    video really appreciate this.

  10. Th3ChineseGuy says:

    Happens ALL the time for me when I am in a dogfight!

  11. Str1000ac says:

    nice use of external view

  12. JXNAZ says:

    New intro 😮 and i have never noticed that bug

  13. mexxone says:

    How long is a momth compared to a actual month? :)

  14. Hakoeski says:

    2.59, 106 Vehicle hit ? I thought, 1 Vh = 1 dmg ?

  15. dosa072000 says:

    I literally just messaged JF about this hoping he would do a video on it as
    I havent seen any at all addressing this then this video pops up in my
    recommended lol!

    Im glad someone with some weight in the community has made this public, im
    a jet pilot through and through and this has really annoyed me. It never
    used to be an issue but then a few months ago it started and happens on
    every map! I get what your saying about net code and completely understand
    but I do hope this gets addressed soon.

  16. ultrasom says:

    The community talked about this, oh yes. I remember seeing numerous threads
    in Reddit mentioning it. People just get frustrated with the total lack of
    communication from DiCE regarding the barrage of game breaking bugs I

  17. BleepSheep says:

    Wow dat road kill tho :O

  18. Dashie Ofthebeards says:

    I’ve been having a similar problem while using the ac130

  19. onegg04 says:

    thank you!! yea, i’ve seen loads if people exploit this. infuriating this
    bug was patched in and completely ignored 

  20. Blackbirdx0051 says:

    i think it was because the hitbox desynch bug

  21. Vectra|Editor says:

    thats why you didnt get hitmarkers some times in the livestrwam

  22. JackKnoffGaming says:

    I’ve wrote to Battlefield about this as well but didn’t get any replies!!

  23. Scott Lee says:

    I learned how to use this glitch to my advantage it helps but only missiles
    work with this

  24. Nikita Sokolov says:

    Thanks for the jet skills . Before i really sucked in flying jets. I can
    fly and do some tricks in air and take out tankes, aa, bouts, l.a.v. and
    infantry but i still suck i dog fights. And now i can fly much much better
    from the speed control video. Thanks GHOST!!! 😉

  25. MoeArts says:

    Great video man ! 🙂 Btw when is you next stream ? I don’t want to miss it

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