Battlefield Hardline (PS4) – NEW WEAPONS, VEHICLES, & GADGETS

Battlefield Hardline Beta (PS4) – NEW WEAPONS, VEHICLES, & GADGETS

Sponsored by EA RONKU

Battlefield Hardline site:


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20 thoughts on “Battlefield Hardline (PS4) – NEW WEAPONS, VEHICLES, & GADGETS”

  1. Ian Files says:

    Nah, I thought u did great man , don't mind him

  2. phalgun rao says:

    Available on pc platform ? When is the game launching ?

  3. Nicole Thompson says:

    I love your vids bro??☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺????????

  4. David Alvarez says:

    Man if you think the download takes forever wait for the installing

  5. Joshua Lawrence says:

    Wasn't a big fan of BF4, but looks like I'm gonna be a big fan of this!

  6. PJ 12 OG mac sauce says:

    Did battlefield step the bar up or is just me? Cause this game has a lot of variations and unlocks. 

  7. TheRealH2dut says:

    RONKU is just handing out the sponsorships.  I'm actually excited for this game.

  8. MARIO83011 says:


  9. PbOGhosT6 says:

    Playing with subs is in order!!

  10. Randy Brooks says:!/en-us/download/list?emcid=ps-se-717&utm_medium=Paid_Search_{ps}&utm_campaign=Playstation&utm_source=Google&utm_term=ps-se-717&utm_content=Brand

    This is the link they tweeted out

  11. FrogDaBarber says:


  12. enigel mcwhite says:

    Shake how do you get the beta I'm confused I only see preorder

  13. MinuteManGaming says:

    Where the fuck is the beta on PlayStation store I can't find it!!!

  14. Dash Cannon says:

    The professional got the Reebok Questions on lmao

  15. Wayne. Tha.Average.Gamer says:

    Where is the PS4 beta…trying t download this before I get home.

  16. xdivision100 says:

    Cops vs Robbers conquest seems weird 

  17. K9HD says:

    Bro how u get the beta 

  18. MrGermaiin says:

    Yes first gameplay ive seen from bfhl thanks shake every other person on here besides you and qjb has gameplay of it that i know of.

  19. Joey The Dark Knight says:

    Had to make a New Zealand account to get the beta early, PSN in the US as far as I know ain't update the store yet.

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