BEST 10 Top Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak 7.1 Pangu iPhone 5S,5C 4S,iPod & iPad Air, Mini 2

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Best TOP 10 Cydia Tweaks 7.1.2 and 7.1 July, 2014 edition following Jailbreaking 7.1.2 Untethered for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, 4,3 and iPod touch 5.

My personal list of Favorite Top Cydia tweaks post iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak can be found on Best Tech Info:

For a more thorough explanation of each 7.1 iOS Tweak Reviewed in this video, visit Evasi0n Jailbreak’s coverage on 7.1.2 Tweaks, which is available here:

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17 thoughts on “BEST 10 Top Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak 7.1 Pangu iPhone 5S,5C 4S,iPod & iPad Air, Mini 2”

  1. Pradeep Dhaya says:

    i love cydia

  2. Toby Witter says:

    Just get on with it

  3. MrCharl88 says:

    hi thanks for all the info on cydia tweaks I only have a littl;e problem with mywi.

  4. Johan MacDonald says:

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  5. angel garcia says:

    My favorite was springtomise 3

  6. Zykee FH says:

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  10. sehajbir singh says:

    Sir please tell me how to downgrade ios 7.1.2 to ios 6.1.3 without shsh blobs?

  11. DJGHOOST1999 says:

    just shut the fuck up man its really annoying that you keep talking about your shit 

  12. Anthony Besa says:

    how to install siri ton iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 jailbreak by pangu

  13. Daisy Hendriks says:

    Waw so he made a 3 minute intro? You can just skip the intro and go on with your lifes.

  14. TETO TUWEL says:

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  15. michael horn says:

    Is 7evati0n safe to use to jailbreak?

  16. Matthew Walsh says:

    Quick replay is in iOS 8 no jb

  17. Matthew Walsh says:

    Argh I had to leave my local library in the middle of a jailbrake just when the pangu app was installed so it was safe to unplug. Jailbrakeing tomorrow 

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