Best Top 30 Free Tweaks for iOS 8 – 8.1 Pangu 8 Jailbreak November 2014

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30 Free Tweaks for iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak November 2014
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18 thoughts on “Best Top 30 Free Tweaks for iOS 8 – 8.1 Pangu 8 Jailbreak November 2014”

  1. Shannon Bell says:

    You must read this before start Unlocking your iOS device.
    UnlockiOSNow. co m.
    this is real

  2. Swift_x_Fusions says:

    There is a free version for barrel I've got it and it works fine and  its got all the same animations as the paid version

  3. joseph foote says:

    your voice is silly..

  4. Christopher Benna says:

    what's the tweak that makes the apps spin

  5. Christopher Benna says:


  6. XxTHATGUYxX122 says:

    i like ur redneck accent xD

  7. ItsSamanHere says:

    Hi iPhonecaptain Iam trying to buy your Curse but it says.
    Your card was declined. Please try another card or Paypal. why is that?

  8. Erberk Akkartal says:

    hideme8 just started a bootloop at my phone.. luckily i found how to solve it

  9. Khalifa Ahmed says:

    I didn't understand anything big head

  10. Laura Bernal says:
  11. iAndVee says:

    man I genuinely love your accent haha 

  12. Shadowbrohogany says:

    redneck fool!!!!

  13. mypuck2000 says:

    I got NCCalc7 but on iOS 8 I don't know how to put it up in the notifications tab……? Can u maby walk me threw the setting real fast I would appreciate it thanks
    (I also downloaded N stats7 and I'm having the same problem)

  14. Juan Carlos Paz says:

    New VirtualHome has reachability feature too… for me virtualhome is a must have tweak

  15. NPNemesis says:

    Well thaaaaaank you i use most of these :]

  16. DatBoy GameZ says:

    i see that screen shot at the end homie i see that naked girl lol

  17. lil warrior says:

    Cool video bro

  18. Jose Alvarado says:

    Blood got some weird ass porn on his photo stream 15:33  

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