BF4 – Loadout Mess

Gameplay commentary and discussing Xbox One issues.
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This is M40A3 and RIOTz 5th commentary and we would like you to send in request for classes to use!! and also upload your clips to youtube and send us a message witht the subject intro competion and the video in it or send it to We will be doing top5 kills of the week and top 5 snipes of the week on Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.


3 thoughts on “BF4 – Loadout Mess”

  1. Chris Kasgorgis says:

    Hey guys AIRSOFT_RAG3 nice job on the vid 🙂 u guys wanna play mw2 today?

  2. TheAIRSOFTmedia says:

    yeah M40A3 and RIOTz here we will be on roughly 5-6 ish

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