BlackBerry Priv: All About Android 239

BlackBerry Priv review, if you simply must have a physical keyboard.For the full episode go to
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14 thoughts on “BlackBerry Priv: All About Android 239”

  1. Mani Bhinder says:

    aple users are making video of blackberry hahaaa

  2. Ann-Louise Winter says:

    Really? That was a PRIV review?? The only one worth listening to was the one who had one in his hand and he didn't get to talk long. That was one of the worst I've seen. Going on about her nails and what their first Android was and who had a BlackBerry way back? Give me my time back.

  3. Errol McIntyre says:

    These idiots don't even understand ho blackberry security works. They think DTeck is the only security, Ignorance is a motherfucker

  4. Errol McIntyre says:

    apple release an OS the was garbage screwing up people phone but you all drink the cool aid.

  5. Errol McIntyre says:

    why review a phone when you have so much bias against it even before you start. you all look ridiculous

  6. Shah Jalal says:

    bunch of clowns. what a waste of my time.

  7. Dineshan Singam says:

    Arguing about the physical keyboard and software well Priv has best of both worlds.

  8. SolidCopy1 says:

    Every time there is an android phone review its nothing but a bunch of excuses or apologies for how much of a fail the device is. Plus none of these devices have a pleasant or consistent user experience.

  9. tow master says:

    forget what version of android it has because at least it now has android. but come on my last slide phone broke after barely dropping it so i refuse to use a phone that slides/ besides the physical keyboard is so late 90s

  10. Oscar E says:

    What a bunch of BlackBerry or anti BlackBerry biased idiots !! what a waste of time. Its amazing how people with so much ignorance can run a "news' network channel, doing nothing but to make senseless comments just to misinform people who are actually looking for a serious opinion.

  11. Joshua Lebowitz says:

    These people don't know very much about BlackBerry. Should have at least spent some time researching the device before this poorly done review.

  12. Frank Javier says:

    Watched this with my BlackBerry Passport.

  13. Matt DiVito says:

    The lack of experience of these reviewers is cringe-worthy. It was extremely frustrating to watch this.

    Of course an older version of the OS would potentially be less secure; the apples to apples would be a Priv vs. a Lollipop Android phone. And features and updates are going to continually come out on this brand new phone on the software side, not to mention their update to Marshmallow. It's simply a red herring for people to try and point the "overstating" of security by BlackBerry.

    And it's not that a physical keyboard is slower, it's just that you have to be accurate. You're not actually faster on an onscreen keyboard, the software is simply faster at correcting your inaccurate mistakes into what you probably are trying to type.

    And the fact that half of the onscreen members of this video have even used a BlackBerry, and extremely old ones at that, makes the mocking even more frustrating. Definitely need to expand your horizons a bit.

  14. TheStoryUp says:

    That was pretty weak.

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