Blackberry Priv Typing Test: All About Android 240

Is the Blackberry Priv faster than a touch screen? Find out!

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7 thoughts on “Blackberry Priv Typing Test: All About Android 240”

  1. Michael Pan says:

    shouldnt you find a user who is use to the physical keyboard

  2. mohamed mounes says:

    And still blackberry on screen keyboard is the best on any smartphone!?

  3. mohamed mounes says:

    But blackberry priv keyboard is the most fun or enjoyable to use

  4. JesseOsby says:

    This test was a best-case scenario for autocorrect and predictive text. How about some real-world typing instead? Like a sentence that includes an uncommon proper name, an acronym, and punctuation. Or typing a URL or street address. Or typing while walking in the city.

  5. john doe says:

    This video misses the point of the priv kb.

    It's for typing more than one sentence !! Not for twitter, not for messaging, virtual kb's already do that well.

    Think paras. Articles, all the people in this video WRITE.

    Less scrolling than when virtual kb takes up HALF the screen.

  6. Shahriyar Ali says:

    why didn't anyone use physical swipe predictions on priv?

  7. Oscar E says:

    Thats stupid, you have to be use to it or you'll feel weird typing on a physical keyboard, and you have to use the keyboard flicking feature, and the V keyboard of the priv is really good too.

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