Cam’s Top 5 – Reasons to go Windows Phone

Cam has reached the final week in his roundup of each platform’s major plus-points. This week it’s Windows Phone’s turn, and it has some great features and advantages.

Not only does Windows Phone offer important, relevant and contextual information through its use of Live Tiles, it’s latest update also includes one of the most impressive digital assistants on the market, in Cortana.

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19 thoughts on “Cam’s Top 5 – Reasons to go Windows Phone”

  1. beny vibora says:

    Windows kinda sucks because you can't download anything for ps3 and it has no Instagram

  2. spy kid says:

    one big reason to not go to a windows phone, the app store is the worst thing ever. I had a lumia 520 and i'm now to a samsung galaxy grand prime. I'm never going back to windows phone.

  3. Hassan Shah says:

    I think i should try one!!! 

  4. J.D. Valles says:

    @MukeshPandya1985 well you can't get google maps on blackberry or windows phone only one iphone and Android.

  5. TheLulzbatRises says:

    Yeah and the app store is empty.

  6. XD65 says:

    You sound different.Anyway, yes you're right. I respect this video.

  7. Adam Leishman says:

    The windows phone sucks ass. I've never been so frustrated with a phone in my life

  8. mobilecody1 says:

    Love my windows phone. converted from android and don't regret it at all. the only thing I'd like is if microsoft put the money into getting some of the exclusivity away from iphone. There are games and apps I know my phone can run but I can't get because it only on Iphone or android.

  9. Mattis Asp says:

    I got a Windows Phone instead of Samsung. WORST. DECISION. EVER.

  10. jlonaise says:

    does WP lag after a year, two?

  11. Pete W says:

    But iPhone and Android has apps that helps people get laid…Windows Phone only has 6Tin (A third party substitute for Tinder). You can talk about everything else, but you can't ignore what smartphones are actually used for these days. Not to mention that popular apps like FaceBook, Instagram, and KakaoTalk are far superior on iPhone and Android. No banking apps in WP either, and it was a huge blow to users when Bank of America and Chase pulled their apps from the Windows Store.

    I loved my Lumia 925 for the great piece of hardware that it was, and think Windows Phone has the potential to build a great platform…But while Microsoft is making significant improvements to its user experience, so are its competitors. It's hard to overlook WP's huge shortcomings when you acknowledge what iPhone/Android are capable of. The novelty of having something different, quick and minimalist wears off when you see how far WP falls behind market demands, which iPhone and Android are currently fulfilling.

  12. Mehdi Azimi says:

    just look at the apple's product right back of yourself, you will understand everythings.

  13. Mayur Beldar says:

    I have tried this whatsapp lock application

    It is awesome

  14. hellochriis says:

    If Windows Phone didn't have such a bad browsing experience, I'd also make the switch. Maybe with Windows 10 EDGE?

  15. KozenaDrzka says:

    My Lumia 535 fell from 1 meter and whole display was broken sooo….

  16. Daniel -M says:

    I will get it but it dose not have good apps like they don't have call of duty black ops zombies , smash 3 and other stuff 

  17. SSJ3LordDx The Gamer95 says:

    if you like window why you have apple products

  18. John Matthews says:

    what is the best windows phone with a screen size under 5.5 inches

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