Chaos Head

Most recently finished mask, just completed today. He doesn’t have an exact species; all I know is that he is a canine of sorts.

Very large ears
Airbrushing over the entirety of the face to darken it up
“emo fluff” made of NFT fur
3D LED handpainted resin eyes
Tearduct vision
Wolf taxidermy jawset
Hand sculpted/painted tongue
Silicone medium k9 nose
Apoxie sculpt eyelids/tearducts
Zipper in the back of the head
Moving Jaw
two types of grey fur and two types of black fur
Extensive shaving on the face and ears
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20 thoughts on “Chaos Head”

  1. Monoyasha says:

    NFT for the hair fluff, and foamies for the ears

  2. FurryPonyDubstep says:

    what did u use for the hair tuff?
    and are the ears foam or somthing?

  3. xXKaylaXx says:

    This is fantastic! I love it. :3

  4. samup12345 says:


  5. Dexter Shadowheart says:

    nice shit 😀

  6. wolflover10326 says:

    Do you know the name of the see through fabric that you could use for the eyes?

  7. Epic Roar Cosplays says:

    As usual, very beautiful work, the eyes are just so captivating

  8. Monoyasha says:


  9. TacoWolfDino says:

    excuse me but what kind of fabric or material did u use for the tear duct vision? im making a fursuit commision and id really love to use the same sort of material u use =3 also…i am thinking of possibly ordering eyes nose and teeth…still thinking about it tho…it wuld really help to kno x3 ty

  10. sonw blind Fox says:

    That is realey cool. I have a artic fox fursuit but I nead sothing new.

  11. okidokicoyote says:


  12. Monoyasha says:

    @hingewolfgirl As long as the original artist is fine with the addition than yes we can add hair ^-^

  13. Zandy J. says:

    I have a character with the same length ears and I'd commission you for a head!! Can I email you the design to get a commission quote (price)? So I can save up 🙂

  14. hingewolfgirl says:

    i love the way you do the hair, it really does look like hair 🙂 If i was to get a head commished from someone else, and it had no hair. Could i send it to you to put hair on it??

  15. Monoyasha says:

    @shinyumbre its just like its sounds you look out threw the black tear ducts and can do the same for a closed eye character as again you'll be looking out threw the ducts.

  16. shinyumbre says:

    excuse me, im sorry. but how exactly does tearduct-vision work? im wondering cuz i want to make a bunny suit, but the charecter has always-closed style eyes…

  17. AsianEevee says:

    Beautiful and awesome work!

  18. fallenfromgrace47 says:

    Holy crap….you are listening to The Rasmus…i think I love you that much more now.

  19. TheKnogba says:

    that mask is just one word brilljant :D.. i love the eyes and i love the big eares, I make fursuits myself just for fun. but this mask is far one of the best masks i have ever seen.. amazing i love it 😀

  20. Monoyasha says:

    @monkeygirl9535 Nothing I show here is for sale unless specified in the video.

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