Conan Upgrades To iOS 7

Conan Upgrades To iOS 7

CONAN Highlight: Conan updates his iPhone, even though Andy warns of some pretty apocalyptic bugs.

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20 thoughts on “Conan Upgrades To iOS 7”

  1. okrajoe says:

    Never upgrade on the first new version.

  2. Eddy Gee says:

    I swear Conan bits are the only ones that can really make me laugh. Yeah sure Jimmy Fallon is charming, but this stuff is hilarious. I died when the cow hung himself.

  3. Josué Mateo Ibarra Lio says:

    LOL that iPhone doesn't support iOS 7 ???

  4. Rohith Basu says:

    this is why the US economy is sucking

  5. mango091 says:

    dont buy apple products kids

  6. DustyHD says:

    Trying to upgrade to iOS 7 on an iPhone 3 :DD

  7. AirFouly says:

    anyone else noticed that conan licked his finger at 0:45 right befor he touched his phone again? Maybe someone should tell him it's not a book/page.

  8. Noah Borel says:

    kitkat > IOS 7

  9. L. Haenraets says:

    What kind of people are on YouTube that you have seen this video apple and iOS 7 is shit come one we are smarter and better than this

  10. Jonathon Bachman says:

    thats the iphone 3gs or 3 or eairler so he couldnnt have updated it

  11. SYNCPHAN1OM says:

    what song they using XD god of war

  12. YourLittleBluebird says:

    10 pun points to you!

  13. DamageIncM says:

    Yes, positive or negative, it's exposure…

    Still, it only reminds me (as if I need to be), and hopefully other people as well, that Apple is not "perfection" or anything like that.

  14. finnbum says:


  15. BACKinBLACK1080 says:

    the cow ripped in half on the way down…this is the Y2K Robot all over again. lol

  16. danny porras says:

    k never mind

  17. danny porras says:

    should I upgrade my MacBook Air to the Mavericks to the new one?????

  18. Jack Dour says:

    I have ipad4 and ios7 is dreadful on it.

  19. 1tmac4life says:

    Lol the iphone 3 doesn't even get ios 7

  20. TopkekBootyDubs says:

    i fucking hate ios 7, it looks like android, which i upgraded to iphone so I DIDNT have to deal with android feel, they've got soo many bugs, and it kills my battery.

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