Cyber Monday is Over! – Or Is It? Gadgets & Marketing Tips from Intronis

MSPmentor speaks with Intronis about its current Cyber Monday campaign and how to make marketing efforts remarkable and memorable. Also catch details of Intronis’ pre-packaged, white-label marketing programs that are regularly shared with MSP partners.

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Join my blog at Also private Skype education at your House with Jan van der Meer! Footage in HD 720P with brand new Nokia N8 smartphone. Impressions during Photokina 2010 no filtering or effects used in post. Original soundrecording also with N8. Edit in Sony VEGAS Pro9. Also see my preparations at and inside information on Nokia N8 details by Zeiss Senior Scientist Dr. Hubert Nasse Nikon Canon Panasonic
(Sorry about the double take, no time to re-edit!)
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. henrooo says:

    “Sony Voodoo Dance to get the LCD screen flip 180 degrees” haha 🙂 Nice
    videos from Photokina Jan.

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