DailyTechTV Q&A – Where do you sell your Tech & Gadgets ?

DailyTechTV Q&A – Where do you sell your Tech & Gadgets ?

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20 thoughts on “DailyTechTV Q&A – Where do you sell your Tech & Gadgets ?”

  1. The Dipinsauce says:

    where would you get you money to make a living

  2. Robert Bell says:

    So Bieber has some nice stuff then Dave. Lol

  3. SilviasSound says:

    wow,great video, subbed,please check out my channel, thanks
    greetings from Germany++Have fun

  4. Arby B. says:

    Would never use Enviro Phones to sell mine,they give rock bottom prices..Better with Gumtree Dave…Not liking the new Intro Music Dave…Not 1 of ure best..

  5. Rocketman says:

    The intro music hurts my ears.

  6. daak1234 says:

    That intro > ebay

  7. TheDemonDesigns says:

    Computer exchange (CEX)

  8. walkabout16 says:

    A very blotchy background on the still of these recent videos now Dave, what camera/camcorder are you using?

  9. Progan666 says:

    >>>> 0:09 <<<<<

  10. Birmingham racing says:

    I want to be part of your family lol

  11. AndrewSasFit says:

    U got to show love to the family 🙂

  12. Raphael Rollo says:

    That freakin Intro Again??!!

  13. DemiAps says:

    Intro has to go.

  14. ColteeYT says:

    Your intro makes me want to stop watching your videos.

  15. Dave Cryer says:

    Where do you sell your Tech & Gadgets ?

  16. Dave Cryer says:

    Where do you sell your Tech & Gadgets ?

  17. iPhoneiPadReview says:

    Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Zoom Lens 🙂 Check out my site ProShopTime for the best price!

  18. JCSB TV says:

    From Josh
    Whats the best L lens for the Canon EOS line of cameras? In looking to spend £600 to £800 I will mainly use it for video for depth of field. But would also take photos with it.

  19. adamsbil1 says:

    That's the best way to sell stuff. I hate being ripped of £40 by ebay every time I sell a high value item. Avforums is a good way too.

  20. Herihjaltmohr says:

    Now that im first… Hope you wil answer 😀 Make a " Gopro vs Swann vs 'somthing else' " If you know what i mean….

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