David’s Every Day Carry #1- Cool NEW EDC Survival Gear for BOB, Emergency, Survival & Disasters

NEW – EDC Video – Peek into My Pockets and Pack and See What I’m Carrying Today!!! You’ll Be Amazed what I’ve Got on Me Since I’m always getting in Cool NEW Gear to Test and Review, I thought You Would Enjoy Checking Out Some of the EDC Stuff I’m Carry this Month in My Pockets, Pack and on My Belt.

So, Every Month or Two I’m going to TRY to do a NEW – “David’s Every Day Carry” – and give you a Quick Peak at the Cool EDC Gear for Bug Out Bags / BOB, Emergency, Survival and Disasters – that I’m playing around with…

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As Promised… Here are Links to the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Otterbox Defender iPhone Case

Ballistic HC iPhone Case

SOG Tangle – Fixed Blade Paracord Knife
Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/SOG-Tangle-EDC
SOG Website – http://tinyurl.com/SOG-Tangle-EDC-Web

Schrade First Response – Belt Clip Assisted Opening Knife

Gerber Hinderer Folding Knife

Schrade SCH104LS – Pocket Folding Knife

BlackHawk 1 1/2 inch Riggers / Pistol / Emergency Repel Belt

iPhone Headphones – OEM

Iain Sinclair – CardSharp – Credit Card Sized EDC Knife

Iain Sinclair – Eon – Credit Card Sized Flashlight

NIV Pocket Bible – Full Bible

ParaCord Bracelet – 8 Foot

Old Navy – Anorak – Jacket
Discontinued Item

12V Car Power Adapter

Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife Survival Knife from Gerber

SOG Force – Survival Knife

Henry Survival Kit

iPhone Battery Backup


SOG Sharpener / Firesteel (May be discontinued…)

Corded Ear Plugs

Leatherman Wave – Multi Tool

Smith and Wesson Border Guard Folder

EDC Granola Bars

Old Timer – 20 OT – 5 1/4 Inch 2 Blade – Sheath Knife

Gerber Covert Tactical Folder

Multi-Tool Man Ring – From Boone Titanium Rings


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– Survival Quick Tip – Paracord Basics: http://youtu.be/7uXSHiIytZU
– Ambient Weather Survival Radio: http://youtu.be/1ytifvy7268
– Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit: http://youtu.be/XbjH1ngd_jI
– SOG Creed Knife: http://youtu.be/u9jw1mf_f1I
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit: http://youtu.be/WdFOcvz7LLQ
– Cold Steel SRK Survival Knife: http://youtu.be/PoOSd09ajFg
– Bear Grylls Ultimate Paracord Knife: http://youtu.be/hRpwNB8neVs
– Bear Grylls Fire Starter: http://youtu.be/ERdWfzcGvhI
– Bear Grylls Hands Free Torch: http://youtu.be/n6j5LlZE42o
– Schrade Extreme Survival Knife: http://youtu.be/g_B0SRsP_ag

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25 thoughts on “David’s Every Day Carry #1- Cool NEW EDC Survival Gear for BOB, Emergency, Survival & Disasters”

  1. Mark Akin says:

    Hi David, My name is Nikolas and I’m 10. My dad is subscribe to your
    channel. I just counted 12 knives in your EDC pack and I want one. If you
    could only carry one which one would it be?

  2. Game Dudes says:

    Where did you buy that wallet its awesome i like it

  3. Dan Buonanno says:

    I really like your reviews man, you have honestly given me great advice on
    obtaining the right kind of gear…but your EDC bag, a little overboard on
    the knife department. You’ve got the SOG Force ( I’m getting soon because
    of your review, and a few others).. You’ve got a fire steel too!..and the
    BG ultimate survival knife and 4 folders ..I think. Get rid of one those
    knives…likely the SOG, just for the fact that the BG Ultimate survival
    knife comes with a ferro rod and a field sharpener, so there’s 3 things
    there you don’t need duplicates of.. Carry a ‘back up folder’.. And keep
    the Leatherman wave, get rid of the SOG multitool…and.. You’re set!…
    With all the stuff you had in there I could’ve used half or more for two
    other BOB… I wouldn’t and don’t carry a Bible around with me …but.. In
    Survival circumstances, it could make great kindling.. survival blanket,
    great!.. That survival kit, awesome, so much stuff in a fairly compact
    size, may get it… I know it’s a EDC, but you could turn it too into a
    Emergency bag if you added in a 10 x 10 tarp for shelter purposes… I
    don’t know why the other comment stated it wouldn’t be complete without a
    handgun for EDC.. But you never know right?.. Could be a zombie apocalypse
    any day now!… Sorry I live in Canada, we don’t carry handguns as EDC but
    I personally carry a Ontario rat 1 and a Leatherman juice.. Fits nicely in
    the pockets and useful….love the reviews!.. Keep them coming!!


    Please do a new one!!

  5. Fauna Photographer says:

    The Bible and tracts are the most important bit of kit.

  6. Game Dudes says:

    The gerber knife is cool too i like it

  7. Brayden Joyce says:

    you should do a review on the henry ar7 survival rifle

  8. Jacob Floyd says:

    does any one notice the red light on the bear survival knife. lol

  9. USGuerilla says:

    Nice gear and all, but i saw roughly a dozen knives in this EDC and not
    even a small pistol. No edc is complete without one.

  10. Tony Stites says:

    My favorite tool you had was the bible and tracks. body’s not worth saving
    if the soul is lost. most people would had thrown it to the sided and
    never said anything.

  11. Nathan Schneckenberger says:

    ThruNite Tis EDC awesome 

  12. fadingdimension says:

    seriously… all those knives.. wtf.. do you plan on starting an impromptu
    knife brawl in the middle of your day? 

  13. Ryan DeVaney says:

    Excuse me sir, could you show us whats in your KNIFE BAG. Id like to know
    what you carry besides knives in that bag you call an EDC… Looks like a
    lot of useless weight.

  14. Truthsabre7 says:

    As a former marine that has had survival training you guys spend too much
    money on all this stuff. Learn to do with less. Respectfully.

  15. Saber Six says:


    Another great review. I was surprised that a BG product only made it in
    like halfway through. Seeing as how a BG product wasn’t in the first whole
    minute…I was getting hopeful that there wouldn’t be one at all!

    Thanks for all the work you do.

    I would like to echo what a few have already said…lots of preppers/edc
    carrying people need to learn to do more with less.However I would like to
    counter that by saying that not everyone is a military vet that has had
    military grade survival training.

    I guess the reason that so many people carry so much stuff is exactly
    that…lack of training. Most of us have families and jobs that take up a
    significant portion of our time, leaving little time for self-training. Yes
    yes…everyone could probably rearrange their schedule to make more time
    for this or that…usually easier said than done.

    Anyway, that is why I think many people who carry EDC type stuff carry too
    much. They don’t have (or make) enough time to learn how to use each item
    they carry to 100% effectiveness. My EDC consists of a pocket folder,
    leatherman, spacepen, rite in the rain notepad, individually wrapped hand
    sanitizing wipes x 5 (great for hands, public toilet seats), individually
    wrapped Bosch & Lomb glasses cleaner wipes, a bandanna. That is about it. I
    do have an EDC pack but it isn’t filled to the gills with crap.

    I would like to comment on the riggers belts. I have been wearing one for
    the last 10 years. They are great belts. I am on my second one only because
    the first one was khaki and got too stained and dirty, and yes, I tried to
    clean it with mild soap and warm water….I wear them on the job so I felt
    the need to replace) the current one is OD green and is holding up just

  16. Daniel the god says:

    Frame lock not liner lock ok get it right david

  17. david jones says:

    only 80 knives??? bible for starting fires??

  18. josh willis says:

    do u recommend and Bibles for bob ? 

  19. spideycentz says:

    Survival packs are meant to facilitate survival. A butane windproof torch
    lighter wrapped in a plastic glove is small enough light weight and too
    convenient to exclude. 

  20. William Hutchinson says:

    I have one of those leatherman waves they are brilliant

  21. Jack Hamilton says:

    Can you make an Instagram acount plz so I can check you out on thear plz

  22. Tristen Van Straten says:

    You r so lucky to get all these knifes I’m so jealous I could cry 

  23. Jack Hamilton says:

    Can you make an Instagram acount plz so I can check you out on thear plz

  24. jugernautmitch says:

    I don’t think you had enough knives in your pack. I love that belt. Really
    nice. I’m surprised the credit card flashlight does’t turn on when you sit
    on your wallet.

  25. EVEvault says:


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