DCUO – Gadgets / Smoke Bomb “14,000k CRITICAL DMG!”| Daybreak F@CK3D up! | @DaybreakGames @DCUO

Daybreak F@CK3D UP! – Gadgets hits up to 14k CRIT but is being BUFFED in the next Game Update. WTF?! Why are they buffing gadgets again? It does NOT need a buff! #PROOF this game sucks. Subscriber or not, the developers don’t give a F@CK about making the game fair and balanced. They only care about making money off respec tokens and replay badges.

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DC Universe Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics. Developed by Sony Online Entertainment’s Austin studio and co-published by Sony Computer Entertainment and WB Games, the game was released in January 2011.


20 thoughts on “DCUO – Gadgets / Smoke Bomb “14,000k CRITICAL DMG!”| Daybreak F@CK3D up! | @DaybreakGames @DCUO”

  1. DvB says:

    Why is it a joke ur just shit bruh

  2. Laloma Tokhi says:

    Why don't you play pve instead

  3. corpse party says:

    So there is no need to blame the creators its calling skill points make u better at ur role

  4. corpse party says:

    He has more sp than u that's why he did that much damage to u the more sp u have the better u are at ur role I'm mutations DPS with 230sp and my damage crit is 15,000k

  5. corpse party says:

    Its not a joke 

  6. F1Anthony says:

    MA got the smoke bomb buff almost 2 years ago they slowed down MA and later on made that one move good how can u blame the company and its not the power u really don't know a lot about the game

  7. william cepin says:

    cause of ppl like you powers like celestial  and rage get nerfed stop complainig i just switched to gadgets and if it gets nerfd im quitting dc every power ive switched to has gotten nerfd because of ppl complaing, Fire ,Rage , Celestial, Quantam now this next fucking HL too dude stop its not cool its annoyong af

  8. Dark Reign Gaming says:

    To be fair mate you were out classed too. There are plenty of other weapon combos in other trees that hit harder. Smoke bomb is massively blockable and if you're interrupted by it then that's on you lol 

  9. Luke58301 says:

    They made those powers so OP

  10. Snizzle DCUO says:

    what about ..uumm.. what about blocking? 

  11. Might X says:

    Stop crying he hit smoke bomb when you did a range combo so he couter you with one of the hardest hitting combos in martial arts. 

  12. Dom 92 says:

    im the guy xD hahahah i remember that night i found u ever in 1v1 xD gg bro by Zio Mimmo <3

  13. Francisco Osorio says:

    The damage was made from the weapon (smoke bomb) not the the power bro 

  14. Bertha Jenkings says:

    The smoke bomb is highly blockable though.

  15. Bertha Jenkings says:

    lmao I love martial arts. Smoke bomb kills my enemy life bar if I time it right.

  16. cealera alexandru says:

    block noob block ,you can block the smoke bomb

  17. Pumpkie DCUO says:

    I just lolled to this video i saw 20k+ with WM and that 14k damage is nothing for smokebomb coz it is hard to do that combo you need to hit 6 times for this combo and you have chance to stun or block so dont blame the game.

  18. GuardianDown says:

    Well that's definitely over 9000! How can they consider that far!

  19. skydoes minecraft12 says:

    He probably had good pvp gear and ur damage boosts up in pvp also u might have low defence 

  20. DELTA WARFARE-Gaming Channel says:

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