DCUO Update 17 Gadgets Powers

A video showcasing the updated “gadgets powers” from update number 17 in dcuo.
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20 thoughts on “DCUO Update 17 Gadgets Powers”

  1. Emmanuel Torres says:

    Should I pick gadgets or sorcery

  2. maria michaleri says:


  3. jimster805 says:

    do you prefer gadgets or mental for trolling?

  4. John Watson says:

    i will add you. i am watson14kingjohn

  5. nafis choudhury says:

    Ima add you too, hope you don't mind, its gonna be up in a few hours / a day. i sometimes need help with stuff so hope you dont mind me messaging you at random times! =0

  6. Springtrap McStrings says:


  7. Springtrap McStrings says:

    Add my hero (in training): Bounty Brawler. Add my villain: XxSilent DeathxX Level 29

  8. jonheights says:


  9. jonheights says:

    feel free to add me on psn; gogohead_jon
    i have multiple characters on dc

  10. jonheights says:

    feel free to add me on psn; gogohead_jon
    i have multiple characters on dc

  11. jonheights says:

    thank you

  12. Salamance3703 says:

    Luv the character and name btw 😀

  13. Salamance3703 says:

    Just made ma first gadgets character yesterday hes a villian to so feel free to look me up and add me his name is XThe ShadowAssassinX

  14. metalpunksvid says:

    Not sure why people hate gadgets so much but I always come in first in dps roles when doing a raid. My damage output is pretty high. Mainly I troll but dps is also very good.

  15. Ed Dela says:

    Gadgets is perfect so I hope nobody complain and to get gadgets nurfed. If you pvp my name is dark Maskeraide I'm a troller 4 pve 80cr/ and I'm doing pvp at the moment so send me a tell or something we kill some heroes

  16. Ernest Walker says:

    Kan u add me on ps3 my name is Ernesto_dragon64

  17. Brooklyngirl245 says:

    Yo john can u add me on psn its jonbrown20 or on dc its undergroundmercenary im a villian and I love your vids keep it up ^_^

  18. chuckyoo says:

    Gadget is crap. Although the new changes are cool but until they increase the damage and have a good AOE power for gadgets, forget it. I was gadgets and switched to nature and not going back. Mental guys got the best deal out of the update. They have a power like the final ruins that crits from 2K to 3 or even 4K depending on gear and mods. Gadget is weak in range but a powerful powerset in melee. u get some damage buff in melee but not range. Oh well great video BTW.

  19. King Mhee says:

    Was your ps3 name?

  20. BrolySsj8000 says:


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