desktop gadgets problems

desktop gadgets problems

guys pm me please! for those who know how to fix this annoying problem.. im excited to use that all cpu meter..
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27 thoughts on “desktop gadgets problems”

  1. castellvell says:

    La clave:
    SettingsZones] realmente funciona! Gracias!!!! It worked for me too!
    Thank you very much!!!

  2. fblade6651 says:

    I’ve just restarted my pc and it works!! but how about the rest of the

  3. thersmill says:

    omg its realy worked thx wery moch

  4. 28jheiy says:

    @suskisunami it worked… but. i encountered 1 problem.. in the lower right
    corner of my desktop there is a “Windows 7 Build 7600 This copy of Windows
    is not genuine”

  5. WENDX14 says:

    @ginnel99 Thanks a lot it really work!! ^^

  6. Eric Orozco says:

    @ginnel99 dude thax yuhr the best!!!!!!!

  7. fblade6651 says:

    @ginnel99 Hey there… I deleted the whole ZONE folder!!! is that ok??

  8. EncantadiaKapusoTV says:

    @ginnel99 Thanks it works!

  9. ginnel99 says:

    @fblade6651 yup.

  10. EncantadiaKapusoTV says:

    @sgc123ceca Thanks it Works!

  11. blazzy95 says:

    even i have the same problem 🙁

  12. PamPascua says:

    @ginnel99 Wait, I need details on how to this step by step. I’m just being
    careful. If you don’t mind making a video about this solution? THANKS! PM

  13. GoldFish0430 says:

    do you have the solution dude? can u share it to me? please we have the
    same problem:(

  14. Satyendra Chandan says:

    hey have you got ur problem fixed.. i got the same problem dude..i use
    windows 7 64x… can u plz help me in fixing it..Thanks in advance..

  15. ginnel99 says:

    I tried this one and it worked! Here’s what worked for me after everything
    else failed. I didn’t attempt repair/update install though. This is much
    simpler. Stop the sidebar.exe process. Use regedit and delete this key:
    SettingsZones]. Restart sidebar process. Have no idea why it works but it
    does. Found it on another forum. I applied this fix several days ago and
    system has been running fine.

  16. suskisunami says:

    @28jheiy yes 🙂 do what he says it works 😉

  17. SantosYks says:

    same problem here.. tried that reg thing but didnt work

  18. Claudiu Crisan says:

    i have it too:(

  19. ginnel99 says:

    @PamPascua I just did a video tutorial for you, and sorry for my bad

  20. Eric Orozco says:


  21. Alyctro official says:

    same problem

  22. Alyctro official says:

    I know a fix for it 😉 found out my self 😉 go to desktop, rightclick ,
    leftclick on Show, click on “Show miniaplications on desktop” then click it
    again 🙂 ha!gadgets back!

  23. aquibsohailw302 says:

    got the same problmm……….plzzzzzzz help!!!

  24. ginnel99 says:

    @suskisunami why serial killer? LOL! 😀

  25. llenivra says:

    Thank you so much, i got that stupid error too, but when tried your
    suggestion it really works!

  26. sandra grouette says:
  27. mrkongsimr says:

    Excellent , good idea , I was thinking to do the same thing with a pillow .
    How much are they

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