Former Sony President Jack Tretton Joins AI Start-Up – IGN News

Jack Tretton, former president and CEO of SCEA has found a new job on the advisory board of a start-up investigating Artificial Intelligence.
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20 thoughts on “Former Sony President Jack Tretton Joins AI Start-Up – IGN News”

  1. classic end says:

    man watch dogs was sooooooooo fkn boring i want my money back no need for 70$ bull shit

  2. SlipknotWarfare73 says:

    E3 won't be the same without tretton

  3. TheSalfordParkes says:

    Wishing jack the man the best of luck

  4. wrestlefanatic77 says:

    Great, expect more Playstation Move replicas.

  5. Infinite Horizon says:

    the second time this guy says "genotaur" it sounds like he says "genital"

  6. rtswift says:

    damn this is the third video with that random ringing in the background.

  7. Havoctheend says:

    Skynet confimed. And where the hell is John Connor in this?

  8. T.M. Samuels says:

    hold up, when did he leave Sony

  9. enditend 2 says:

    that crap intro…

  10. HeartlessXx says:

    more like WatchBtchez…

  11. tmacc says:


  12. Zjokolade says:

    Jack Traitor.

  13. William Hood says:

    I'm so tired of this Watchdogs intro

  14. RedFlameFox says:

    Where are you, PlayStation All-Stars 2 ? =(

  15. Ryan McGuigan says:

    AI? Has nobody seen all those movies.. it isn't a good idea

  16. sxg012 says:

    Cut it out! With the Watchdogs crap. Cut it out!

  17. fergal mellon says:

    o.k no one with the last name ''connor'', name  there child ''john'' for now on and we be grand ..or don't start build sky net and we be save as house's …bet google make sky net ..might be call google net plus or something along the lines..woohoo self driving google car woohoo 

  18. U Tub says:

    wicked awesome y'all innit

  19. son gohann says:

    please bring back daemon hatfield to this show

  20. Warrior Sloth says:

    He knew Sony was over.

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