Gadgets and Gizmos Part 9 final

A final look at some other mainly historic items. A closer look at the #2 fly press which has been partially cleaned up. Then a selection of face plates and adapters, followed by showing some vices, one being an old trusty cast steel bench vice, and a number of smaller examples. Finally to finish off — a simple stand block for a micrometer and a large cleaned up tap wrench. That for now at least concludes my look at various things used and made over time. Hopefully a few things might have proved of interest or even inspired a machining hobbyist to find inspiration to make something similar. If over time we make something else that could be interesting, we’ll do another video. In the meantime, as mentioned in an earlier section, the most recent work done on the now limited facility was concerning a gimbal unit for a GlideCam, here — – where we made bearing blocks etc – just a stills sequence.
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9 thoughts on “Gadgets and Gizmos Part 9 final”

  1. sammy mezzacapo says:

    Hello Chris…made it through the series..’thank you for taking the the
    time at great effort to share your past and present gadgets and
    gizmos…I’m impressed and appreciate the thought and effort that went into
    them….I always learn something from your presentations…thank you for
    sharing and for giving us this present.

  2. Tom Bellus says:

    Nice video and gadgets I also liked your restoration on the leg vice , we
    had one when I was a kid back in the 50’s. Thanks

  3. Steel CAD says:

    Hi Chris are you English by any chance ,you have good accent

  4. hdoug5 says:

    gadgets and gismos, very interesting display of items that you made. thank
    you for sharing :)

  5. ChrisB257 says:

    Thx Denis, and RCHelijet too. Just things from the past which seemed worth

  6. RCHeliJet says:

    Nice Work.!!

  7. ChrisB257 says:

    Hi Denis – well, check my channel – ChrisB 257 – the series went from into
    thru part 9. Since then I have tried to add a few practical examples of
    gadgets in use. I may have one or two more to come. Most gizmos are fairly
    straightforward and I think several can be found to be very useful extras
    for machining work. I made most about 20 or more years ago when I was more
    active but glad I kept most of them.

  8. Denis L says:

    i hope there will be more vids, il be watching ,and i will be building some
    your gizmos next week.thanks for sharing

  9. Denis L says:

    nice work

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