Gadgets help Jews observe Sabbath

In a hi-tech world, Orthodox Jews observing the Sabbath face a problem using modern gadgets because they’re not allowed to do any work. An Israeli company has recently come up with some ingenious solutions.


9 thoughts on “Gadgets help Jews observe Sabbath”

  1. kreiff100 says:

    hello?? gush etzion is NOT part of a "palestinian" autonomy. It's in the heart of the Jewish country, Israel.

  2. plon rainy says:

    commited ppl with a sense of focus & purpose. g-d bless.

  3. StephSilvermen says:

    This is great

  4. qasim64 says:


  5. abarzilai664 says:

    Both use force in relation to terrorism but the only difference is that the UN condemns Israeli anti-terror actions while hardly anyone knows of Russian abuses.

  6. random331 says:

    The Land of Israel is 100% their land – if you don't like that, then throw your Bible away (as if that will do you any good). God isn't putting the matter up to a vote – he gave them the land and the Arabs need to leave. If not …. well, God will show you.

  7. OrphanPaper says:

    I wonder how much this groupe has given to help murrder and steal palistine and there land

  8. sniper6081 says:

    This Sabbath thing is ridiculous.

  9. grungefuck says:

    Religion is so strange.

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