Google Nexus 7 Tips and Tricks #59: Performance Tweak with Clean Master

Google Nexus 7 Tips and Tricks #59: Performance Tweak with Clean Master

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Here’s an interesting performance tweak for the Nexus 7.

A task killer can close all the applications currently running to free up RAM and improve the short term performance. Usually you have to do this manually, but this tweak performs the task automatically every single time you unlock your device.

To do this you will need to download a free application called Clean Master (for more general information on this app, watch my review). For this specific tweak all you need to do is open the app and press the options button in the top right of then screen and then select settings.

Go to the task killer section and there will be a toggle option called Auto Kill. Turn that on and the frequency will automatically be set to Screen off.

So now, everytime you unlock your device a clean sweep of the tasks will be run which should give you slight performance improvement. The trade off is that it might close games you’re in the middle of playing or return you to the main page of apps you’re running.

Give it a try and see if works for you.
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