GoPro Mounts Tips & Tricks part 1 of 3 HD

Eye Of Mine Multimedia has put together this training video on how to use all of the GoPro mounts as well as other mounts and accessories for the Hero camera. This video is for ALL Hero cameras. Here’s the breakdown of all 3 video sections:

Part 1 Video (this video):
0:30 – Pivot Arm
1:45 – Base Plate
2:45 – Quick Release
3:30 – Orange Doohicky
5:00 – Bold / Thumbscrews
7:45 – Wrist Housing
8:00 – Head Strap Mount
8:30 – Vented Helmet Mount

Part 2 video:
0.0 – Chest Mount
1.00 – Tripod adapter
1.30 – Handlebar Mount
3.30 – Rollbar Mount
7.00 – Exclusive Eye Of Mine Rollbar Mount
9.15 – Two camera Bracket for above mount

Part 3 video:
0.0 – Suction Cup Mount
1.20 – Surf Mount
2.15 – Eye Of Mine Camera ONLY tripod mount
3.00 – Aluminum Rod
3.15 – Small Camera Handle
4.15 – Lanyard
4.45 – Telescoping Monopod
5.30 – Flexible Tripods
5.45 – Camera Leash
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Get organized with home organizing tips from professional organizers at The Clutter Diet. Is your home picture perfect? Neither is mine! Sometimes organizing projects just aren’t worth the time. In today’s video Lorie Marrero is sharing some strategies that she uses in her own home that are anything but perfect. Following these tips will make organizing your home less stressful. Form and function don’t have to be perfect strangers when decluttering your home. These Clutter Video Tips are posted frequently here on our clutterdiet organizing channel. You can search Twitter for #ClutterVideoTip also to find comments on our organizing tips. Lorie Marrero is the creator of and the author of The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life. Lorie also serves as the national spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International and ambassador of the Donate Movement.

Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re going to talk about not being perfect and getting away with it. You know in my program we talk a lot about being effective, doing what works. And I have a few examples today to show [POP] you things that I’ve done for myself and for my clients that have not been the perfect, lined-up-on-a-shelf, rigid organization solution you might expect from someone in my profession.

So here’s something I want to show you in this office closet here in my new house. This fixed shelf is not going anywhere. And I had these plastic drawers already and I wanted to see if I could use them in this space. When I measured, it was just a fraction of an inch too tall. So I looked at it and I was able to remove the drawer and look under here and realize that if I were to remove the top on this set of drawers it actually would fit just right underneath the shelf. And so I very elegantly got out a hack saw and hacked off the top of this thing. And now that I’ve shown it to you — I was saving it for this video — I’m just going to recycle this, because I don’t need it. I’m just going to have this tucked underneath the shelf permanently and there it works just fine. And you can do that too. Use what you have, make it work for you.

Another thing that people don’t expect from me is to say: “Maybe you don’t need a filing system.” You know, nowadays people have gone paperless to such a degree that we actually have very little paper left in our lives to file away. And what if [POP] you just have a box for things at the end of the year or even a big folder and label it for the year, make an index of the pile of stuff. You can put that index in front of the folder, you can put it inside the box, if that’s what you’re doing, or you can even type up that index and put it in Evernote and that’s it. What if you didn’t make individual folders and have them all special and color-coded with all of your files in them? Usually you rarely reference the things that you put in your filing cabinet anyway. So why bother? If you just need them for a “just-in-case scenario,” you might as well just put them in a pile together and bundle them up and be done with it. We’re always looking for the return on investment in an organizing project, so we’re not organizing for organizing sake, we’re organizing because we’re going to get more time back on the other side. So if the time invested is not going to pay off, why do it?

You know, another thing that we do for our clients, and I did for my own little kids growing up, was we did not keep their shoes all lined up in the closet ready to go in their bedrooms and worry about running upstairs to the bedroom when it’s time to go somewhere. We would get a big basket like this and put the kids’ most commonly worn shoes in the basket, have another basket for socks, and, you know, I have two boys so we would just do all white socks in that basket, and when it was time to go, everybody would line up by the back door, we’d put everybody’s shoes on and get out the door. We didn’t have to run back and forth up and down stairs to go to bedrooms and find the shoes. So just do what works. Think about what you could do in your house if you didn’t have to have the perfect solution.

If you need some help we have advice from our Team on-line available seven days a week in our Member Area. You can find out more at You can ask our experts your question, upload your photos, show us what’s going on, and maybe we will even let you off the hook of that organizing project you were thinking of doing.

Come and see us, come and talk to us, we’d love to help you. See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


12 thoughts on “GoPro Mounts Tips & Tricks part 1 of 3 HD”

  1. Amanda Devore says:

    Another great vid! Yes, we should work with what we have already. I find
    I’m tempted to go buy containers,shelves,etc when I already have plenty.,
    going shopping only distracts me from getting the work (organizing) done..
    I’ve been decluttering my home over the last few months and the only thing
    I’ve bought is a baking tray stand at the 2nd hand store for 2$! And
    instead of acquiring more things “to help me get organized” I’ve given away
    countless bags n boxes and shelves and containers. I’ve had to cut myself
    off from the 2nd hand stores tho.. That’s where my “hoard” was coming from.
    I only go in now if there’s something specific I’m looking for. Love your
    vids..I’m going to become a pro organizer too! Thanks for the inspiration! 

  2. Carmen St-Denis says:

    Receipts! Arrrrghhh! I hate everything about them yet I need them. The
    world is not paperless wrt receipts. These little pieces of paper clutter
    up boxes of “get to it later” stuff. I must expense some stuff on some
    receipts but not all stuff on all receipts. Help!

  3. liendoesja says:

    Love your channel and ideas! 

  4. D E says:

    Been following you awhile but this might be my favorite video. I’m going to
    look around my house with new eyes toward doing what works not necessarily
    what is “perfect”. Just bought the freedom filer system . . .ha

  5. Lorie Marrero says:

    Make It Work! How NOT to Be Perfect & Get Away With It

  6. Jill Jeglum says:

    I daydream about being completely paperless. I’m only a quarter of the way
    there. Thank you!★★★★★

  7. Becky Allen says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am not a perfectionist and I don’t have the patience to
    be. As long as my house is neat and functional, that is enough. 

  8. Soteria Allen says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am not a perfectionist and I don’t have the patience to
    be. As long as my house is neat and functional, that is enough. 

  9. clutterdiet says:
  10. Leigh Taylor Ellis says:

    Thank you, Lorie, for the reminder that “perfect” is not the goal–working
    is the goal. I am rethinking clothes and shoe storage for my daughter and
    myself and have begun to think of things in a way that fits in with this
    video. “What works with the ways we live already?” 

  11. LDK113 says:

    Great video, Lorie! I love your tips for organizing “outside the box” and
    just doing what works! Just realized you live in Austin, Texas where I
    grew up! I’ll be flying there in a week’s time. Keep up the good work!

  12. hotnik08 says:

    I am basically paperless, how should I store tax return documents and
    important documents that must be kept for 7 yrs or longer?

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