Harvard i-lab | Founding a Tech Startup in Silicon Valley — The Good, Bad, and Ugly with Raj Kapoor

This is a must-see talk and discussion with successful entrepreneur/VC Raj Kapoor (HBS 96). Raj is the Managing Director of the Mayfield Fund, the cofounder/CEO of Snapfish, and now founder of “cofounder.co.” He discusses his new model, cofounder.co, which is designed to help new entrepreneurs cofound companies in the Bay Area, giving them the benefit of experience and his broad network.


cofounder.co is a new innovative entity to help startups and entrepreneurs reach their full potential in the Bay Area. We are a group of experienced partners with founder/CEO and investor experience. Raj Kapoor is the first founding partner (others will be added later) and will work very closely with a few tech startups that either reside in the Bay Area or want to relocate there. With cofounder.co, a partner joins the company as a cofounder at the earliest stages and spends the equivalent of one day a week helping in all areas of the company including financing, recruiting, strategy, product development, and mentoring the CEO. It’s a much deeper and focused involvement than most angels, advisors, and accelerators and for a longer period of time. As a minority cofounder shareholder in the company, we bring commitment and more importantly, the valuable experience that high potential entrepreneurs may be missing. See Raj’s blog www.vcinme.typepad.comfor for more information and check out his Linkedin profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/rajil

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2 thoughts on “Harvard i-lab | Founding a Tech Startup in Silicon Valley — The Good, Bad, and Ugly with Raj Kapoor”

  1. KL Tah says:

    So many of these ideas run counter to what's being taught in the how to start a startup class by Sam Altman now. I guess times have changed. 

  2. zooMZooMlikeATyphOOn says:

    great speech. thanks raj

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