Hemanua Irish Startup Company RTE news testing treatment for Ebola

Hemanua Irish Company at Advanced Stage of Testing a Treatment for Ebola


Dublin,Ireland, 27th November 2014, Hemanua Limited, an Irish start-up company, in collaboration with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, today announced that they are in advanced testing of Hemanua’s ProBlood CP product for treatment of Ebola Virus Disease.

The ProBlood CP has the capability to enable the harvesting and the transfusion of convalescent plasma (CP) without electricity and driven only by gravity thereby providing a real advantage in remote and less developed regions such as West Africa.

The ProBlood CP has additional advantages as it produces totally cell free plasma.

Dr William Murphy, Medical and ScientificDirector, Irish Blood Transfusion Service said, “The use of convalescent plasma from people who have recently recovered from Ebola virus infection has considerable promise as an effective treatment for patients with acute life-threatening infection.”

He added, “Clinical trials of plasma therapy are now planned by several agencies in the epidemic-affected region to assess this approach. Phase 1 test results on the ProBlood CP were very encouraging and that the device provides a very real opportunity for clinicians in the field to provide convalescent plasma to the Ebola patients in their care easily and rapidly, and without the need for expensive and complex plasmapheresis equipment.”

Find the Press Release on our website: http://www.hemanua.com/News.aspx?FID=0&NewsID=91
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