How To Check For Updates On Android


In this video I show you how to make your Android phone check for a software update. I go over how to do it on two different phones (one running Android 4.0 and the other 2.3) to cover a wider range of devices. I also show you how to force an update if you don’t have the option to check for updates available (or if you are just desperate to get that update on your phone).

To check for an update the normal way, go to settings, then about phone, then system updates and then tap check now.

To force an update check, go to the dialer and type in *#*#2432546#*#*

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13 thoughts on “How To Check For Updates On Android”

  1. Tung Nguyen says:

    Not work

  2. omar guerrero says:

    What if it rooted phone

  3. RedstoneCookie _ says:

    Ik there is 5.0 my phone is 2.3.6 I check I get nuffin

  4. Computer Genius says:

    Cant find a system update in settings or not even checkin….. when i go to settings it do does not check for updates and when i dial the code, it does not give any notification about checkin….. have Orange Monte Carlo with custom rom installed….. android 2.3.5 
    please anyone help

  5. Jordan sannicolas says:

    Why don't I have system update?

  6. Earl Talatala says:

    checkin succeeded. Then nothings happens. Does this mean I have the latest version of android?

  7. POWER HMONG says:

    you need network connection

  8. JaffaCaik says:

    Press yes. It's just warning you IF your using 3G

  9. dy11213 says:

    ok when i press check for updates it says its going to charge me for downloaing 3g network. i only have wifi and i dont want additional charges. what should i do. pressing the keypad popped up nothing but thats impossible because i have 2.3 version

  10. فلسطيني فحماوي says:

    It works but now what nothing happend

  11. Toemaytoe Soup says:

    checkin succeded…now what? XD

  12. nicholas2090 says:

    mine says checkin failed

  13. Darien Hayes says:

    Is there a code to do on the samsuung replenish?

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