How to Enable Windows 8 Sidebar Gadgets 2012

How to Enable Windows 8 Sidebar Gadgets 2012

How to Enable Windows 8 Sidebar Gadgets 2012

How to add gadgets to the desktop of Windows 8
There are no gadgets active on sidebar of Windows 8 when we install fresh operating system. We need to activate it manually.
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An amazing smartphone app turns common people into powerful hackers and hidden cameras record their reaction as they unwillingly hack a street of Los Angeles. You won’t believe what they do when the police show up!
Experience the power of hacking in Watch Dogs on May 27, 2014.
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50 thoughts on “How to Enable Windows 8 Sidebar Gadgets 2012”

  1. aarongaming100 says:

    nice fake haven’t you seen the ms website they removed it for security

  2. Rob Wagenaar says:

    Many thanks!!

  3. Mike Ho-Yen says:

    I have tried to follow your instructions. I am having problems. 1. What do
    you mean by “Jump to …….” 2. I do not seem to have a “start” button on
    Windows 8. Do you mean the Power switch? 3. When I go to the Settings icon
    on the right hand side of the screen, It does not find “gadgets” in the
    search Please can you give your instructions in norml engllish and not in
    Computer jargon. Thanks

  4. mrbazzzzzzinga says:

    same here i got nothing

  5. The Evenger says:


  6. Grieldo Lulaj says:

    me too

  7. Clarence L Morgan says:

    I updated to windows 8. found out I didn.t have desktop gadgets. download
    the gadget 8 pack. I have all the gadgets I used in win 7, however I lost
    my sound. how do I restore my sound in my computer?

  8. mohanidukki says:

    cause he have the developer preview and we have the original version that
    doesn’t have gadgets. he got the gadgets from his old version of windows.

  9. Gordon Qian says:


  10. Maxim Van de Wynckel says:

    They have been removed, seaerch for 8GadgetPack

  11. aadil khokhar says:

    nice.. dude…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ahmed Haggag says:

    same here

  13. Galoise Encore says:

    Doenst work on RTM(9200 & over). For what ever reason Microsoft disabled a
    lot of stuff in RTM. they will all work great on DP & CP but once u move to
    9200, all of those gadgets stop working… windows aero effects as well

  14. Bullrider300 says:

    Same here

  15. widmansg says:

    i think video based on Beta version which not available on live version.

  16. Aldemir Santos Quaresma says:

    Wonderful, i love you, man. I was looking for this a long time. Now my
    windows 8 pro activated is perfect and complete. thank you very

  17. Lucien Castelou says:


  18. Nezuyr says:

    this suck, i don’t have gadgets on my windows 8. iv search my whole F***
    computer and nothing. dose anyone know where I can download it. i cant seem
    to find that too. if cant get my gadgets I’m down grading to a 7. this just
    suck big time.

  19. nyogrson1 says:

    same here!! where are the gadgets?

  20. TheRealGulltop says:

    MS removed this option between Release Preview and final RTM version.

  21. Asmat khan says:

    plz rehana it not win8 its fake first of all u cant have win 8 ok baby

  22. Asmat khan says:

    i hate u

  23. Vanessa Allen says:

    This only works if you have downloaded the “developer preview” of Windows
    8, which was a free download before Windows 8 was complete. If you buy
    Windows 8, or a new computer with Windows 8 on it, it will not work because
    they completely removed gadgets from Windows due to virus issues.

  24. vagouras 7 says:

    bullshits does not works

  25. Mamali T says:

    cannot even find it , on my windows 8 x64

  26. Ubisoft says:

    We put the power to hack in their hands…

    See what happens next. #WatchDogs

  27. Azmi Hakam says:

    That Chinese man was playing fool with the police haha

  28. Savannah Arakawa says:

    I saw regular trailer for the game. I thought ” cool, I get it later.” But
    now that i’ve seen this,”MOM! GAMESTOP! “

  29. Antic2 says:

    If I was pranked, Finding out this app was fake would be one of life’s
    biggest dissapointments

  30. Kotlik CZ says:

    1 year ago, I have this app…

    I delete it…

    Please, I MUST have this! Whats name of this app????!!!??? :O

  31. Dan Watt says:

    Just found this on accident. An awful game with awful DLC. This promo was
    more enjoyable than all of my playtime combined.

  32. Nasser Almaimouni says:

    One of the worst game in 2014 !

  33. Original Agera says:

    Does anyone know the app name? I know it doesnt work.

  34. Ace1000ks1975 says:

    This is from the game Watchdogs, ROFL!

  35. Well I'll Be Danned says:

    I hate how they stole the OWSLA symbol

  36. daelen little says:

    so…. where the app

  37. ★ ShadowBolt ★ says:

    “You see the streetlight? Same principle, I hack.”


  38. Hush Whisper says:

    You’re being tracked by you’re cell phones. Throw them away and buy long
    range walkie talkies. Soon they will round you up by you’re cell phones.
    Buy long range walkie talkies now while you still can. Soon you won’t be
    able to.

  39. Yaniv Elbaz says:

    I will be more dissapointment if I know they didnt fix my phone

  40. nigel roberts says:

    Can I have that app please

  41. David Blackburn says:

    If these were real people… Then they got trolled incredibly hardcore.

  42. Holy Wyvern says:

    I hacked this comment so you can REPLY TO IT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

  43. Chavez Brown says:

    i would probably run

  44. Echo Spy says:

    Haha nice one sir. please send me a link AMAZING STREET Hack
    Thanks ! 

  45. PotatoGaming says:

    this was real oml *O*

  46. Dark Lord says:

    omg LOOOOOOOOOL the Asian dude i dont speak english looool
    i do the same thing whin the cops pull me over the let me go loooooool

  47. KoroAkame 2.0 says:

    Jeez im gonna be rich lol im a millionaire

  48. clement lee wen song says:

    love this game.

  49. Eyal Hagai says:

    What app did you used for the hacking?

  50. Legit Ideas says:

    Did the phone really did that? I don’t think so

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