How to fix a broken VHS tape part 1/3

if your VHS tape gets broken in the middle this is how to splice it back together .
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  1. damian9303 says:

    The problem I am having is that it does not look that messed up if you look
    at the film but if you play it in a VCR, it will show a video for 1 second
    and then a blue screen and it will repeat and there is barely any volume.

  2. julian pena says:

    Is there any companies that still fix vhs tapes? If there is, can you give
    me a link to one.

  3. ladyleecher says:

    1 – You don’t repair a videotape on your floor (it could get dirty by dust
    etc.) !
    2 – Learn how to create a video recording
    3- You are a real amateur, how many times did you cut (seems to be very
    hard for you to cut a tape ?)
    4 – Very important; ALWAYS cut both ends diagonal, you really don’t know
    how to fix a tape I guess !

  4. patricknedz says:

    @greedyhips22 continued again, then once you do that wind it back up and be
    sure it winds up the right way and doesnt get twisted again, and dont let
    the flap close with the tape out, it will get crinkled hope this helps

  5. MeTaLdUdE02 says:

    I KNOW RIGHT??? the whole way through i couldn’t bare it. *pull pull pull*.
    the horror…

  6. MrSantiagoandDunbar says:


  7. patricknedz says:

    tapes are magnetic and once the magnetism is erased its gone forever

  8. patricknedz says:

    if the video was recorded over or erased there is nothing you can do to get
    that back as it has been demagnetized therefore its gone forever, if the
    section was cut out physically and you can still splice it back together if
    you still have it.

  9. Rimsa says:

    How do I repair a flip-up cover?

  10. k1r2u1s2 says:

    This should be called “How to get oil, grease, dirt, dust, acid and glue
    residue all over your VHS tape so it will destroy your tape heads in the
    machine on the first playback.”

  11. patricknedz says:

    No you couldn’t sell it and get good money for it. But lets say its
    something thats not replaceable like a wedding video or something and it
    was the only copy you had. This is what you would need to do and if it was
    an import video such as a wedding, once its fixed I would recommend making
    a digital copy. The point of the video is not to fix videos and sell them
    but show you how to repair a tape that could not be replaced.

  12. SeGaSaTuRn1994 says:

    @patricknedz no probs iv sorted it mate, i just took the small camcorder
    VHS-C and took a normal sized VHS apart and just reeled it into the bigger
    tape thanks

  13. patricknedz says:

    if its a movie or something then its better to buy a new one, this is
    useful for repairing home movies such as christmas day videos or a wedding
    all the stuff that cant be replaced.

  14. Ricky6854 says:

    It is about eight years old, and it plays VHS normally, it’s just when I
    press the rewind or fast-foward button it rewinds an odd time and when I
    try to pause and then rewind at double-speed, it shuts down (if it rewinds
    at all.)

  15. ilove1994 says:

    @patricknedz Thank you illl do that I have another tape thats doing the
    same thing what if it streches all the way threw?.

  16. patricknedz says:

    Dont know if it can be fixed because if its an older VCR the motors get
    worn out and dont work well anymore, you can try changing the belts

  17. Ricky6854 says:

    I got a question: This is nothing to do with VHS, i don’t think, but how do
    I fix a VCR that won’t rewind! And I don’t think it would fast-forward
    either! Is there a way to repare it?

  18. JordyvEijndhoven says:

    Just saying… “You want to keep the tape intact because of the value of
    the tape” doesn’t really matter anymore, because come on, you simply can’t
    sell a VHS with a deleted part, because of the snapped tape.

  19. patricknedz says:

    @vickyw1995 yes, the part you cut will be gone

  20. ilove1994 says:

    Hey evreyone I am trying to find a way to fix my Aahh Real Monsters VHS it
    has streched to hard is there a way to fix it please give an awser and

  21. georgef551 says:

    “I am not a professional at this.” Then you drop the screwdriver. Irony at
    it’s best. 😛 It’s a good idea, to keep a precious tape going, as well as
    time to convert it over to a DVD, if it finally becomes unsalvagable in the

  22. patricknedz says:

    @SeGaSaTuRn1994 you should be able to wind the tape to a new reel, make a
    video or take pictures of what it looks like

  23. Wilss says:

    This is painful to watch!

  24. AppleHeadLover ♥ says:

    It’s a weird situation. My dad accidently removed the beginning from one of
    our home video’s and he didn’t know how he did it. Luckly not the whole
    video. A good five minutes I would say. When I look at the video cassette
    itself the tape is still complete so I really need an answer on that. Do
    you know perhaps? thanks.

  25. theshatnerman4242 says:


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