How to fix App Store can’t connect to iTunes

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25 thoughts on “How to fix App Store can’t connect to iTunes”

  1. Mankaran Singh says:

    it didnt work
    when i download an app from app store it says cannot connect to itunes
    store as u showed in ur video i reseted network setting but didnt work
    please help!!

  2. willjonrox says:

    I had trouble understanding him… :/

  3. Spike Love says:

    Shit don’t worry

  4. lorain rodriguez says:

    It dint work dude

  5. SebSeb366 says:

    It did not work

  6. Nishant Basnet says:

    didn’t worked

  7. Ahmed Lion says:

    May god bless you thank you

  8. Roi Qurku says:


  9. Alice The Beauty Guru says:

    You’re fingers are satan himself 

  10. BogYB e e says:

    Thanks Broooo <3 :)))

  11. Paolo Vibora says:

    didnt work

  12. Katy_Plus_2 says:

    only thing thats worked thanks so much

  13. Tiger_Lily xoxo says:


  14. billying1 says:

    thank you men and i was worry i need to go and pay money to fix this
    problem :)

  15. Black_omega84 says:

    it didnt work for me

  16. christinkaye ho says:

    still not working:(

  17. BrownEdits says:

    thanks man!

  18. Penuella Mitror says:

    when you are done do you need a pass code because once when i reset my ipad
    it needed a pass code and tried and tried but it got disabled

  19. Nathan Lou says:

    Dude cut ur nails

  20. RnP TheGhost123 says:

    didnt work lying bitch

  21. Jonatan Törborn says:

    do this work for ios7? :)

  22. Misbah Ali says:

    Does this delete my photos

  23. Someone says:

    thanks !

  24. Mohammed Divanian says:

    thx man

  25. IOS GAMING With YeomanRoman says:


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